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Would Buying a Food Franchise Be Right for You?

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With franchising consistently expanding and becoming a more popular option, you may be wondering would a food franchise be right for you? This is perfect for anyone who has a passion for food since when running a franchise, it’s very much like running your own business without the stress since. With a food franchise, you are investing in a proven business model, so at least you have some guarantee there. This is a huge reason why franchised businesses have a much higher success rate than independent businesses in the food industry. Since when running an independent business, you are all alone.

Statistics Around the Food Industry

We will now list some statistics below which have recently been collected for the food industry across the UK. We will list many different fields within the food industry statistics to give you a good idea of the growth and market size of many industries within the broad food sector.

  • According to Ibisworld, the takeaway food industry in the UK has seen a total growth of 1.8% from 2015-2020.
  • The total market size of the Take-away food industry in the UK according to Ibisworld is £20 billion
  • Many people have also already jumped on the exciting opportunity of running a takeaway food business in the UK since also according to Ibisworld, there are currently over 54,000 takeaway businesses currently operating.
  • Takeaway food is not just the only industry growing since, according to Ibisworld, the full-service restaurant industry has seen a growth of a whopping 6.1% from the years 2015-2020
  • The total market size of the full-service restaurant industry across the whole of the UK is estimated at £23 billion.
  • Also, another huge positive to the full-service restaurant industry is also the job opportunities it provides across the whole of the UK and local communities since, according to Ibisworld, the full-service restaurant industry provides over 574,000 jobs.

Pros of Running a Food Franchise in the UK

Now you have seen the positive statistics around a few of the different fields in the food industry. We will now share some pros of running a food franchise in the UK. This is for anyone who is very serious about pursuing running their own food franchise since with any business decision, it’s essential to know the positives around the industry and also know basic market research before your investment.

Pros of Running a Food Franchise

  • Recession-proof industry: In uncertain economic times, food franchises rarely have to worry. They will have a steady flow of customers who still enjoy treating themselves to a night out or a fast food meal every now and then. This is a huge positive for running your own food franchise in the UK.
  • High market demand: With little time available to cook an elaborate meal, more and more people choose to eat out. They are finding that spending the money to go eat is worth the time. This helps restaurants a lot even through difficult times such as recessions since if people have the money, they will always come back for good for or a treat.
  • A well-known brand: Another positive of running a franchise is that you are not starting an entirely new brand you are opening a restaurant or service in a different location where most people may already love the brand. This is another reason why franchising has a much higher success rate.

Where Can You Buy Franchise Opportunities in the UK?

If you have read through all the points above and are still certain that a food franchise would be right for you. You may now be thinking, where do you find food franchise opportunities that are for sale in the UK? There are many websites called “franchise directories” these provide many franchise opportunities in many different sectors if you are interested in buying a food franchise and want a great selection of different franchises, I would recommend you to browse a franchise directory called Franchise UK, which is the UK’s largest franchise directory holding over 1,000 total franchises for sale listings in a vast and diverse range of different industries and sectors.


We hope this article has helped anyone looking to invest in a food-related franchise opportunity in the UK. If you have read all the pros of running a food franchise and statistics but are still not convinced around the food franchise industry, but you are still interested in investing in a franchise opportunity and running your own business, we do recommend Franchise UK, but if you are interested in buying a franchise globally why not use an international franchise directory called Franchiseek which provides a massive list of franchises for sale in over 60 different countries.

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