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Guide on Setting Up New Business in UAE

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Starting your new business in UAE can be challenging, but you cannot get a better place to start your business. It is a very well-established business destination for people and entrepreneurs from all across the globe.

Dubai is one of the best emirates of the seven emirates, known as the financial capital of UAE and your next MENA hub. Dubai consists of various free zones and a very flexible taxation policy, making it a very profitable business location. Also, Dubai has excellent connectivity with the outside world.

With many business setups in Dubai, the need for business setup consultants is increasing. Let us understand here the business setup consultants’ role and their importance for starting a new business.

Who are Business Setup Consultants?

A business setup consultants are the entities that aid the business by providing them with various management advice. They help in improving efficiency, performance, and profitability.

Business setup consultants offer various services, which is essential for a new business setup. They are experts in a particular industry or domain, and therefore they analyze the business and predict the business’s problem areas. Hiring a business setup consultant is a complicated yet critical process.

Importance of Hiring a Business Setup Consultants

All those new businessmen who are thinking of starting a company in the UAE should seek a business setup consultant. A good business setup consultant will provide you with the right strategies and valuable advice and help you create a good marketing plan for your business.

Here are some points we can have a look at to understand the importance of hiring a business setup consultant-

Choose the Right Business Activity for You

If you don’t have any understanding or idea about the business activity, you have to start in UAE. The business setup consultants will understand your requirements and then suggest you the right profitable business activity. Consultants will help you make the right decision for your business. All these consultants will take care of your legal formalities, which are essential for business setup in uae.

Market Research

The business setup consultants will help you in a great way. The consultants have precious details about the market and other insights you cannot get if you don’t hire a business consultant.

Business setup consultants is very well aware of the market conditions, new business ideas that will work, and the potential competitors. They will also tell you what it will cost to set up a business in a particular area. They will aid you at every step of company formation. Their in-depth knowledge and expertise will help you discover the places of risk and everything else about the business trends in the UAE.

Help You With Legal Matters

In Dubai, setting off new business requires many legal formalities like registration, licensing, etc. A business setup consultant is aware of all the legal formalities, the cost it involves, and the time it will take. The excellent legal advice by business setup consultants will make your business setup process easy and smooth. Company setup consultants will help you understand the risks in legal formalities. So they will make the process easier and cost-effective by using their contacts and experience of years.

Assistance in Selecting the Right Jurisdiction

Selecting the location for starting a new business is one significant factor, and business consultants help here. They do research and plan to find the best place to suit your business needs and then ask you to select one.

UAE has 40 free zones, and most of them are in Dubai. Every free zone has a varied set of rules and benefits for starting a company. So it becomes difficult for a new business person to make a choice. Therefore hire a business consultant because he will identify the proper jurisdiction and help you open business at that place by coordinating with Dubai DED.

Help You Focus on Core Activity

Every business has a set of objectives and goals which they plan to achieve through some essential activities. If you handle all your new business matters, you cannot focus on the critical goals and objectives. Therefore hiring business setup consultants will divide your workload and take care of all other legal issues and other less important activities. You can then focus on more essential activities and achieve your desired goals on time.

Help you with Bank Matters

Every business needs a corporate bank account. You also need to select a bank that is fit for your business in the long run. A business consultant will tell you which banks are right for your business, and you meet the eligibility criteria for which banks. They will help you choose your bank and assist you in the smooth bank account opening process.


Even if you set up your business correctly but don’t have the right marketing approach, all your efforts will go in vain. The business setup consultants will help you promote your business idea much at the places and events, which will be very profitable for your business. Marketing is an essential component of your business, and your setup consultant will help you with it. They will help you create and develop a brand image for your product and stand out from your competitors.

Not just the marketing, the business setup consultants will also help you in building profitable business contacts, which will give you good business exposure.


With all these benefits, you can even understand how important it is to have a business setup consultant service for a smooth company formation process. The consultant will ensure that your organization faces no issues while setting business. The experts will give you relevant guidance for all your business setup needs.

There is various business setup consultants agency present in Dubai. Make a wise selection because the right business setup consultant can help you make an informed decision. They will help you in establishing a correct business entity and meet all your business requirements.

Here are some of the points that will help you select the right business setup consultants for your business.

  • Number of years in this profession
  • Number of happy clients
  • Number of employees
  • Authentic advisory services
  • Pricing
  • Office infrastructure
  • Legal registration of the company
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