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The Essential Checklist: 9 Services Your Business Needs

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Launching a business involves a plethora of steps. The key to a business’s success extends beyond its idea, plan and funding. It involves a checklist.

With a new venture in mind, it is important to understand each and every aspect of your upcoming business, identify all requirements and have a concrete plan to cater to these needs. If you look carefully, you will be able to find a number of important criteria that your business should consider in order to devise foolproof strategies for success.

Every business requires a plethora of additional services to keep it up and running. While building a team is one of the initial moves to put your idea into motion, it is also advisable to outsource a few essential services to ensure that all the possible emergency requirements are taken care of. This frees up enough time to concentrate on the other important elements of the company.

Let’s take a look at some of these services that play a vital role in keeping a business together and safeguarding its existence.

Market Analysis

While starting out, you are going to have a lot of questions in your mind.

  • What are the industry standards that you need to keep in mind?
  • How receptive will be your target consumers of your brand?
  • How to extend your reach to your target consumers?
  • Who are your competitors and what are they focusing on?

Market analysis is essential to find answers to all your queries, keep yourself updated about the current trends, facilitate improved risk management and, most importantly, keep your brand afloat. Over the years, market research has become more accessible than ever since customers can be reached more easily.

Since this process is quite extensive, it is quite difficult to handle this task all by yourself. Therefore, the best way to ensure that this task is completed with dexterity is by hiring a professional.

Business Development

For your business venture to thrive in this highly competitive industry, it is important to have a unique and effective plan as your roadmap to success. This plan should address the business idea from grounds up, address all potential concerns and have complete strategies to tend to those. This plan should also have clear techniques for the growth of the business.

Having a professional design the plan is important since it will eliminate any scope for loopholes. From the setup methodology, iterations and the tools needed, a business development service can provide you with all the essentials your business needs.


The next thing to focus on are the products. There are various aspects of the products that need to be paid attention to. These include the following:

  • Product design
  • Minimum viable product
  • Distribution
  • Value-added services (if any)

In addition to these, the technology involved, the required talent and sizes of the teams for each of the above categories, the user-experience, metrics etc. are some of the areas that should be looked into. You can either consider initiating a talent acquisition process to fulfill these requirements or outsource.


Keeping your business’s accounts up to date is of utmost importance. With the cash flow pouring in, it can quickly become highly confusing to keep a track of every transaction. Therefore, it is essential to keep everything documented so that these records can be addressed at a later date to tally the accuracy of the accounts.

Additionally, the following services should also be completed:

  • paying taxes
  • filing annual reports to the government
  • maintaining a business bank account

You can consider handing over control of your business accounts and bookkeeping to an accountant to ensure that they are in order. Keeping an immaculate record will eliminate any scope of getting into trouble over it. You can consider assigning an in-office employee for this task or outsource it.

IT Support

Many businesses require round-the-clock assistance for their IT requirements. Their work involves catering to the technology needs of the organization. These could include software updates, machine optimization, installing various machine equipment and so on. Outsourcing this can provide a complete solution for your office’s IT needs anytime you want.


Hiring a lawyer for your business is vital. Lawyers are required during the following steps, among others:

  • Incorporation of the business and forming a business entity
  • Obtaining license and permits for your business
  • Hiring employees
  • Establishing terms and conditions of the services provided
  • Choosing insurance policies
  • Drafting contracts for clients, contractors, suppliers, partners, employees and so on

Before hiring a lawyer for your business, it is important to conduct a thorough research to find out his/her credibility, expertise and knowledge about your industry.

Website Design and Promotion

It is vital for all businesses to have an online presence. This allows for better promotion and consequently, increased lead generation and revenue. For this, having a website for your business is essential.

However, website design alone can take up a long time if you decide to assign the entire work to an in-office staff. Apart from this, it also takes a lot of effort and time to devise effective social media strategies to market your business.

You can hire a professional to fulfill these requirements.

Public Relations

With a hectic schedule lined up, you may not have enough time to handle your business’s public relation requirements. Therefore, you can consider outsourcing this responsibility for improved and dedicated performance.

Emergency Services

If your business has a brick and mortar establishment, you should hire a fire risk assessor to identify and eliminate any possible fire origin and cause. Ensure that the building is equipped with fire extinguishers and alarm systems to safeguard your employees from fire risks. This will add value to your business and ensure its continuity.

Apart from this, the identification of possible breaches, security services, medical emergencies and so on should also be considered to facilitate a secure environment for your employees.

Regardless of the industry, these services are essential for any business. These services can easy operations for your business and take off a large workload from your shoulders. With these in place, you can prioritize on the productivity without having to worry about additional concerns.

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