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Softros LAN Chat Office Messenger

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The COVID-19 global pandemic has many of us still working from home. But for those of us who don’t have the option to work from home, we need a safe way to continue intra-office communication. The days of walking over to a friend’s office to ask a question or share information have been suspended until the coronavirus is no longer a deadly threat. 

Stay Away from Germs!

Our days we thankfully have the necessary technology to continue communicating with co-workers without risking the safety of anyone involved. The ideal setting would be for each employee to stay in their own office space and not interact with anyone else since concern for the virus is vast and includes surfaces that are touched. Otherwise, concern about spreading COVID-19 germs is very real. 

A Virtual Way to Communicate

For this ideal to be a reality, offices need a virtual way to communicate. More importantly, they need a form of communication that is as effective as a meeting around a conference room table or a conversation with another employee about a specific issue. A great solution to this problem is a messaging application to keep the information coming and going between employees.

LAN Messenger  for Windows, Android and Mac is a great option that provides safe, intra-office chat options. Information stays safe while work gets done. 

Safe Intra-Office Communication

A primary concern for many employers is keeping information safe. Softros LAN chat application uses an encryption algorithm to protect users from hackers. At an attorney’s office, much of the information being handled is confidential, so the office could face serious, legal repercussions if any information were to get out. This applies to many different types of businesses. Internal office messenger protects users from this risk by eliminating the need for a server or an internet connection to use this chat software. Users are kept safe from hackers who infiltrate through server, firewall, WiFi, and Intranet connections to sabotage their victims. 

Data Encryption

Additionally, the messaging options that LAN provides only work in areas where employees congregate, like a large room with employees spread out according to social distancing guidelines. AES-256 encryption will relieve any worries you have about privacy because this type of encryption only works within your office setting. Because of this, there won’t be any concern about a hacker planting malicious software into links shared via chat room texting. And privacy is further protected because employees can’t share information with anyone outside the network. 

No Limitations

Our office messenger is very capable and covers a wide range of user accessibility and performance options. 

  • It’s easy to send files back and forth between department co-workers. Instead of finding documents in folders and uploading them, users can simply save things to their desktop and then drag them to the chat room.
  • Messages can be sent to anyone in the room who is part of the network. If the user is offline, the message will still be sent and will show up on their screen once they’re back online.
  • Users can send individual messages to co-workers or participate in small or large group chats.
  • Administrators can set up group chats within a department with specific privacy settings.
  • Administrators can go through chat history to figure out where something went wrong, or to pinpoint which employee was responsible for a certain task.
  • Administrators can write and send important announcements to all employees in the network.
  • Employees who need extra help have the option to remotely connect to another employee’s desktop. This remote capability spans installing applications or troubleshooting a problem with a Windows server.

 Remote work truly is remote with LAN Office Messenger!

Easy to Use and Install

The best part for employers is how easy the messaging client can be used. LAN Chat is easily installable on computers, tablets, and mobile devices. Local instant messenger is so easy to use that employees won’t need IT to help configure its settings before using it. But if you need help with setting up an application, online support is available via the website.

No Server Needed

Since no server is needed to run this network, your company will save time and money, and you’ll stay safe during COVID-19. LAN messenger also has a free Android app for tablets. 

Our Focus

The chat app is not meant for large offices with multiple locations spanning different countries. Our current focus revolves around small businesses and finding ways to improve communication during these difficult times. 


Softros LAN messenger is compatible with Microsoft, Citrix Terminal Services. The app uses Active Directory, one of Microsoft’s services, for administrative permission settings. LAN also works with WAN, VPN, and VLAN, enabling the administrator to connect multiple people to chat together via subnets or locations. 

LAN messenger Download

Try Softros LAN messenger for free by clicking here. Our 30 days trial comes with full features to help you decide if this internal communication client is the right choice for messaging software for your company.