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How to Get Rich: Searching for Gold with Metal Detector

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If you are an ambitious seeker, you are probably looking for gold. Well, some people find that metal detecting hobby is romantic, and they are right. But others are also willing to locate some valuable items that will bring them some money. Mostly those seekers do not want to keep the findings, but sell them and get a profit from it. 

If you have an aim to get rich from your hobby, you should think seriously about the device that will help you with it. Particular gold metal detectors are offering unique features to the users. If you are still trying to find the best gold metal detector, you can check the review of 10 best metal detectors for gold-seeking on this website https://detecthistory.com/best-metal-detector-for-gold/.

Where exactly can you start?

Looking for gold is not so easy. But you can start in the places where people usually lose their jewelry. So beaches and swimming pools will be a high starter point. 

On the beaches, the most valuable items that you may find will be pieces of jewelry lost by the visitors of the beach. Some people leave their bags on the sand, and some things are just lost in the sand. They also go swimming in the sea or ocean, where the rings can be lost very easy

For sure, in some specific areas, you may find some high-value items. However, it is not happening very often that people can locate some gold treasure with the metal detector on a regular beach that will make them productive immediately. However, with enough patience, there is undoubtedly money to be made from metal detecting at the beach.

If you are searching for a metal detector that will help you to focus on highly valuable items like Gold, then we recommend considering buying the Minelab Equinox 800. Its main feature is that it can operate on several frequencies all at the same time

Should I start a metal detecting hobby? 

Some circumstances may stop you from starting metal detecting for gold. Some of these circumstances include:

  • If you want to become rich fast: you can never be sure when and how you will find the items and especially golden and valuable items. You must have enough patience and be ready to spend some time looking for the details before you can make some profit from your hobby.
  • If you hate walking: the metal detecting hobby requires a lot of walking. If you are not the walking type, it might be not as much fun for you, and you will get tired quickly. 
  • If you are not willing to invest in a good quality detector: if you try to save money on buying a lower quality detector, then it will not be worth the effort or time you spend on metal detecting.
  • If you don’t have the patience: a metal detecting hobby requires enormous patience, and it is obvious. You cannot expect that on every step, you will have some precious items. Otherwise, everyone will already be prosperous. This is all about patience. 

So we recommend considering these circumstances before getting into metal detecting seriously.

Is it legal to sell the gold you find with a metal detector? 

Treasure hunting is regulated by the Treasure Act 1996. According to this, all items that are 200-300 years old are considered a treasure. A strict process must be followed when a person finds Treasure, which involves notifying the local coroner of the wealth within 14 days.

If you find some simple golden ring, you may sell it.

You can get some money from a metal detecting hobby, but you need to be patient and ready to spend some time searching for precious items. Also, for gold detecting, you need a special gold metal detector that might save your time a lot in comparison with other metal detectors. Also, we recommend having a waterproof metal detector for this hobby. That is why most people lose their golden jewelry on the beaches or in the pools. With waterproof metal detectors, you might have more opportunities to find some valuable items and make some profit. You should be patient if you want to earn money on a metal detecting hobby, as it will not come to you immediately in one day. 



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