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Canada Top Printer Ink Manufacturers

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Buying ink in Canada is pretty straightforward; you go to your local store and purchase the cartridge you need for your printer. However, did you know that the majority of Canadians are being ripped off? That is right, when you pop into your local store to get ink cartridges for printer machines, you typically end up paying far more than if you took some time to shop around. Check out our comprehensive guide to finding the top sellers for ink cartridges in Canada and look forward to saving yourself some cash in the process!

Choosing Big Name Brands

It is a commonly held belief that choosing big name brands is the way forward because we are told that they make the best printer ink cartridge range for consumers.  HP and Cannon are the two biggest names for printers in Canada and hold the biggest share of the ink market. If you have a printer made by either of these brands then you will be able to get your genuine ink cartridges with ease.

However, the way these companies work is to sell you their printers at a loss so that you are keen to buy one and then they work to gain the money back by over pricing their ink as you are a captive audience. There has been a lot of news about how these brands do not fill cartridges properly or provide the best ink and how they manipulate customers through smart advertising schemes to believe that they should only ever but a genuine cartridge.

Putting Your Faith in Replacement Ink Companies

In contrast, another up and coming ink cartridge replacement market in Canada comes from specialist ink providers like Smart Ink who are independent from printer manufacturers and who sell high quality, full ink cartridges for low prices. These companies are working hard to change the opinions of consumers by proving their worth through great customer service and ridiculously generous money back guarantees.

If you are tempted to try out a replacement ink then make sure you follow these tips so that you do not end up with a useless product:

  • Only buy from an ink specialist that makes the most of their sales through ink alone.
  • Check the money back offer in case you are unhappy with the product.
  • Find out how available the company is so that you can get support whenever you need it.
  • Remember that if a price is so low that it feels too good to be true, then it probably is unless you have positive information for all the other points listed above.

The Verdict

It seems clear that now is the time for Canadian printer owners to question whether they are getting the best ink for their money and to try a new way if the answer is no. With so many printer ink manufacturers, there is a wide range of choices for consumers so take the time to figure out what works best for you before you begin spending your money.

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