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Outsourcing in Startup: Delegating for Maximum Gains

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If you want to start a business with a bang, outsourcing must be a part of your strategy. Any startup is a complex machine, and the more parts it has the harder it will be running. Delegating some business activities from the beginning can give you the edge necessary to push forward on the market.

The advantages of outsourcing are obvious – it’s cheaper, simpler, and allows you to save time. Note that

What Startups Should Delegate Right Off the Go

IT Development

Top-quality software makes a business run smoother. It can help you attract clients and enhance your brand, for example, through custom mobile apps. Personalized app creation will increase the overall efficiency of your company because it’s made to meet your specific needs. In addition, these software programs can be the ones to make your startup unique. For example, it became a value proposition for Uber when it first appeared with its groundbreaking app.

Employing top-quality software developers full-time is extremely expensive, so no startup can really afford it. Delegating solves this problem, but in order to succeed in this, you must know how to outsource software development wisely. You have to choose a service provider that:

  • Has experience in the kind of service you need
  • Offers a wide range of creative services
  • Sets reasonable rates
  • Has a proactive team that can help you come up with the best solutions

Consider working with a scalable development service provider. This kind of company would be able to meet your IT needs after your startup grows. This would help you save time on finding new IT professionals.


Bookkeeping and taxes are inevitable hassles of any business. However, they are very difficult for non-professionals to understand. Any mistakes with records or taxes can lead to serious financial and even legal problems. Therefore, you must make sure your accounting is in a perfect condition.

Today, you can use simple, cloud-based accounting software, like QuickBooks or Zoho Books. However, even this requires time and skills.

Outsourcing your accounting completely allows you to remove one of the hardest parts of running a business. With a reliable bookkeeping service, you won’t have to worry about any legal and financial issues. This enables you to focus on the company’s development completely.

The main quality to look for in an accounting service provider is reliability. Be sure to check their reviews and get some references.

Web Design

A top-quality website is a must nowadays as over 90% of consumers start their search for products and services online. There are billions of web pages on the Internet, so getting noticed would be hard. You also need to consider that the design trends for websites are as fleeting as in the world of fashion.

Outsourcing this type of service enables you to get web design created by some of the best specialists in the industry. A cutting-edge ‘online look’ is necessary to earn your startup a good name from its first day.

When delegating web design services, focus on the provider’s portfolio. Research the current trends in the industry and take a look at how this company implements them.

Digital Marketing

Every good business needs a team of marketing experts that would work on it full-time. For your digital promotion strategy to be effective, it must be comprehensive. This means someone has to deal with regular updates for:

  • Social media accounts (for every network that matters)
  • Email promotion campaigns
  • Blog posts
  • Website content

These are only the updates that must happen at least every other day. However, digital marketing also includes content development, SEO, press release distribution, and dozens of other tools. A single person sitting in your office wouldn’t be able to handle all of this effectively. This would reduce the overall efficiency of your marketing strategy.

Outsourcing gives you a chance to get the services of a complete marketing team for a fraction of a price.  Look for agencies with a good reputation and a wide array of services. You must hire a flexible company that would adjust to the changing needs of your developing startup.

Customer Service

The consumers of today are so demanding that no business can succeed without providing top-quality customer service. You can cut down the costs a bit by automating some aspects of the process. For example, using chatbots to answer common questions on the website.

However, you should offer your customers a call center to help them resolve any issues as quickly as possible. This would boost the overall level of satisfaction and increase their loyalty, which is essential for a new business.

Outsource to call centers with a good reputation and proof of their high communication skills. Remember that over 60% of customers leave a brand after having a single negative customer service experience. It also takes 12 positive experiences to overwrite 1 negative. Therefore, you must make sure that the customer service company you entrust your clientele is trustworthy.

Outsourcing in Startup: Boost Your Business from the Beginning

Starting a business in any field is a challenge, especially today when competition is vicious in every niche. This means you must use your resources most efficiently, and outsourcing allows you to do this. Delegating enables you to get the services of highly qualified professionals that you cannot afford at this time. It also allows you the time you need to train your own specialists in different areas.

When outsourcing, you must focus on the quality of the service providers you hire instead of the price. You need their help to give your business a kickstart that would propel it to the top of the niche right away. This means you must have the best of everything. This kind of initial investment should provide you with the customers and profit necessary to sustain the top quality of service.

Look for long-term partners you can delegate some activities too. This will help you avoid problems caused by the need to find a replacement.

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