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Sahel Majali and the Mid Group

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Sahel Al Majali founded the Mid Group in 2014, serving as the company’s Chairman. The Mid Group is a dynamic development, construction and investment company.

The Mid Group works with private individuals, education providers and the public sector. This leading construction company has secured and delivered numerous large-scale construction projects across the UK.


The Mid Group worked with the London Borough of Dagenham on Greatfields Zone 1 between May and December 2017. The project marked the first of a three-phase school construction project designed to deliver 3 primary schools and 10 secondary schools in the local area.

Greatfields forms part of the Weaver’s Quarter, where the local authority is delivering 1,500 new homes and vital infrastructure. Mid Contracting served as the main contractor for Greatfields Zone 1, delivering the scheme to budget and on time.

Work on Greatfields Zone 2 commenced in January 2018 and is due to complete in September 2020. The project involves the construction of a new secondary school on a brownfield site in Barking town centre.

A Professional Profile of Sahel Majali

Sahel Majali studied at University College London, graduating in 1984 with a BSc degree in Civil Engineering. Mr Majali went on to study at George Washington University in Washington D.C., graduating with an M.E.A. degree and majoring in Construction Management.

Throughout the course of his 30-year career, Sahel Majali has gained valuable expertise in construction management and contracting, as well as an in-depth understanding of digital construction technologies. It was as a result of this industry knowledge that Mr Majali was able to establish two successful construction companies: The Mid Group and Mid Contracting Jordan.

Sahel Majali founded Mid Contracting Jordan in 1991. He presided over the company as Managing Director and Chairman for 16 years, from 1991 to 2007. Mid Contracting Jordan specialises in construction, development and investments. Mr Majali’s expansive professional contribution to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan has been recognized with an Order of Independence, Grade 3, as well as a King Abdullah Award for Excellence.

Sahel Majali established the Mid Group in 2014. He currently serves as its Chairman, presiding over the boards and guiding the business, which now operates a range of specialised subsidiary companies including Mid Contracting UK, Sterling Living, Mid Consulting and Sterling BIM.

The Mid Group’s operations are rapidly expanding, as the company establishes itself as a dynamic, forward-thinking construction company working out of the Middle East and the UK. Mr Majali’s ultimate aim for the company is to establish the Mid Group as the best contractor in the UK.

For further details of the Mid Group’s current and upcoming projects, visit the Sahel Majali Facebook page.

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