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Jobs for Foreigners in Thailand

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According to a census executed in 2010, there are more than 2.5 million foreigners living in Thailand, which is about 3.87% of Thailand’s total population. This number excludes the ever-increasing amount of tourists and visitors (some more than 30 million in 2016) that come throughout the year. 

The foreigners who live in Thailand need something to do there, and the country offers enough jobs for them. 

Below are some lucrative jobs that a foreigner can do there and earn enough to live.

The Prerequisites

Just as in other countries, and probably in every country, Thailand has lots of opportunities open to all.

But they need some prerequisites. For example:


You cannot get a job anywhere if you don’t have any skills. By the word ‘skill’ we mean one or more abilities to do something.

You may be good at speaking English, you may be good at fixing problems with fridges (generally called a mechanic), or you have experience in guiding tourists who come to Thailand for the first time. Whatever skills you have, there are jobs for you.

Education Level and Type

Aside from your skills, your education speaks a lot about you. 

If you’re well educated and have a prominent certificate like Microsoft Technology Associate or Google Digital Unlocked course, chances are that they are going to search for you and offer you a lucrative job.

Crossing the Real Life Hurdles

Let’s suppose you have all the qualities and skills to get a job in Thailand. You might still have other problems.

Thailand is a booming country with ever-increasing modern facilities and technologies that always come coupled with some intrinsic complications. The bureaucracy and the frantic pace, for example, don’t suit most foreigners, and it takes a fairly long time to get accustomed to the customs and lifestyle of such a speeding socio-economic trend and culture.

Then comes the question of a job permit. That’s another battle for those who have first stepped in cities like Bangkok. The problems include city restrictions and visa issuance.

A description of problems with work permits and legal consequences is detailed on this site.

Job Opportunity Types

In Thailand, there are a number of lucrative jobs for which you can apply. You can find the information from different sources such as newspapers, social media, etc. Also, there are some websites that will provide you with information about jobs worker service in Bangkok.

English or Foreign Language Teacher

The demand for a teacher who has a fairly good command of English or other popular languages is ever on the increase. 

If you are quite fluent and/or natural in any of the languages and, most importantly, if you have the ability to teach the language you shouldn’t have problems finding a good job there.

But you need to remember two basic things here:

  1. a) Knowing a language does not mean that you have to know the grammatical aspects of the language. In fact, grammar is the analytical aspect of any language; it has little to do with using it in real life, which is the main part of knowing a language.

If the language you’re going to teach is your native language, it’s quite fine. But if English is not your native language, you have to sound as natural and as non-stilted as possible.

  1. b) Teaching itself needs certain skills. Only knowing the language is just one part. The main part is to know how to teach it in the best possible way.

Then there are the other specific requirements like teaching in a high school or in a class of businessmen. Each class requires a different plan, a different approach, and a different way of teaching.

The salary is somewhat well-to-do. The general range of payment of an English teacher who doesn’t have a special skill or certification course on English language is from 30000 to 40000 baht. Especially skilled and highly demanded teachers might earn even four or five times the above range.

Teaching foreign languages (mostly English) is a pretty good profession that allows you to experience the Thai lifestyle firsthand and earn not only money but also honor and respect because Thai people consider teachers as respected members of their society.

There are, however, lesser chances to professionally progress in this sector, and you’re likely to remain in the same position for years.

The Hotel Industry

With millions of foreigners and businessmen continuously coming in and out of the cities, the hotels are always busy, and so are the job seekers who expertise in hotel management, speaking multiple languages, music, and guest relations.

What is even more interesting is that the hotel industry is thriving in main cities like Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, Ayutthaya, and Chiang Mai. Job opportunities are also growing for those who are smart, extroverted, and, essentially, slick.

The earning range is no less than the previously stated teaching profession, and there is a great chance to move up the ladder to one of the highest paid positions. For those who can and like to be sociable, friendly, and work alongside people, this job should be their first choice.

Scuba Diving Instructor

Having a total of 2815 km of shoreline, Thailand is very prospective with scuba diving instructors. 

Every year, millions of tourists bathe on the shore, and very often so many of them get interested in scuba diving. Gleefully, scuba instructors are always ready to help them and guide them through the extraordinary experience of exploring the underwater seabed.

To become a scuba diving instructor, you certainly need the certification. Some excellent courses like the one offered by the PADI will cost you something around $6500 and four months to complete.

Once you finish, the thousands of kilometers of shoreline is yours. First, you assist the scuba masters and gradually you become a master yourself. How much would you make? From 12000 baht or more in 4 days.

The only demerit can be that scuba diving is a seasonal job, and you might need to do a lot of marketing for that seasonal job.

Actor or Model 

This is always an attractive profession for the youngsters, especially for those who have completed at least a basic 4-year diploma course. 

Today, the cinema and advertising industry has come to such a practical vision point that you don’t need a good face or macho-man like body structure to attract audiences. Expressiveness is everything here, and everything is welcome whether you express it in comedy, parody, drama, or martial art.

Wages range from 2000 to 100000 baht, depending on your position.

Needless to say, that’s quite a part time job if you’re not a renowned actor.

Your Own Business

There is no problem if none of the above positions suit you. 

There are a wide variety of businesses you can do yourself. It could be as simple as selling street food (whatever you think about it, it’s quite profitable and needs comparatively less investment) or prestigious ones like IT training institutions or specialty bars.

But you need to be specifically aware of the laws and bureaucratic obstacles surrounding these jobs, such as that you cannot own more than 40% of a business.

For more detailed job regulations and the legal ways around them in Thailand, visit this website.

Final Words

Throughout the job world, there are competitions of skills and marketing. All you need is to have a strong will, integrity, and persistence.

Good luck with your job hunt in Thailand!