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How to be amazing: it’s the simple things that count

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Let’s not get carried away or be intimidated by the word AMAZING. It’s not that difficult, it’s about attention to detail, to the little things.

Here’s my Top 5 + 1 list of the simple things that add up to being amazing.

Put on your make-up and glad rags

Make your website attractive, interesting and easy to browse
For most businesses these days, the website is their shop front.  Ask yourself, will it grab the eye of your prospects and potential customers?  Are they likely to take a second glance, open the door and step in?


  • Short and sharp messaging
  • Attractive graphics
  • Clear navigation
  • Calls to action
  • Fresh content

Simple things: limit the number of bullets: use a √ for bullets instead of • or any other symbols. It seems we like the √ best.
Too bad I can’t demo on wordpress content management system.

Get Found

Stand up and wave at those looking for you. Don’t hide under a bushel.  Get your SEO sorted.

Do your key word research: use google’s free tools. Make everyone in the company aware of your key words: be conscious when you are producing online content of your keywords and use them.  Get keyword density! is a great tool to help you assess the marketing effectiveness of your website and your ranking versus your competitors.  Get the loop going: run the report, implement their recommendations, run the report.  Watch your ranking improve.

Simple things: make sure you complete your metadata – your page titles and meta descriptions for each page.

Get Social

Social networking OR Social Media Marketing
I’m not going to get into the whole debate on marketing versus networking. How you chose to use all these fantastic social platforms is your business, literally and figuratively.  Suffice it to say, Facebook (the company) is focused on ad revenue generation: more and more people are joining Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin and using them to build brand and name awareness for their businesses.  Don’t forget, there are lots of people out there searching for solutions and YOU, all the time.

Simple things: set up a Linkedin Group for your business.  Invite all your clients, prospects and staff to join. Use it to offer discounts, special deals to this group: to broadcast any company news, product upgrades.  Get some discussions going.

Use the search function on Tweetdeck and the # tag.  Check out how your competitors use it.

Answer the phone: be polite and friendly

In other words, offer great customer service.

Simple things: don’t automatically assume your staff are good on the phone. Many are not. Many hate answering the phone.  Have a section on answering the phone as part of new staff induction.  Do some role play. Explain that it is expected that all staff pick up the phone when necessary.  Write some phone scripts!

Be Visible

Those who are visible get noticed! The current economic climate has all sorts of people out on the streets, networking, attending events, reeling off their one minute pitch.  This is great.  For many, it’s not a natural skill and it would be a lot easier to go home and flop on the sofa after a hard day’s work.  Persevere.  It gets easier. Relationships will form and build.

Simple things: ask first what someone does: then, tailor your pitch to how you think it might relate to his/her business.  If it doesn’t don’t flog a dead horse.  Move on, unless you’re having fun.  Enjoy the conversation, then move on.

Think Global, Act Local

Finally, if you are working in a global market place or international markets you need to apply the above in each market.

Go on, be amazing every day.

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