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5 Essential Solutions To Expedite Global Business Travel

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There are several ways for business owners to expedite global business travel processes. Traveling can be a long, stressful, and time-consuming process. For business owners with multiple high priorities, traveling can pose as a major interference to accomplishing your objectives. Luckily, there are numerous solutions to expedite global travel within your business. Expedited travel solutions ease your process from ticket purchase to destination arrival. At the same time, many solutions provide you further airfare or transportation incentives, and improve your global business travel procedures company-wide. If you are unsatisfied with current processes, there are multiple business travel solutions available for you. Read on to learn about the essential solutions to expedite global business travel.

Become An Elite Airline Member

Business travelers can additionally expedite their global travel processes by becoming an elite airline member. Most large airlines offer loyalty programs to their mid and upper tier elite members. Traditionally, elite members received benefits like airport lounge admittance, priority boarding, or seat selection. However, more commercial airlines are beginning to include expedited security clearance in their loyalty programs. In many cases, elite member incentives apply to one travel companion for when you are traveling with guests. In addition to earning an elite status through loyal plane ticket purchases, you can also receive your membership benefits through your credit card. Many credit card companies offer a number of airline incentives for their members. When you sign up for business credit cards, be sure to consider airfare incentives offered.

Purchase TSA PreCheck

The TSA PreCheck program is one of the most popular ways to expedite business travel. The program has grown tremendously amongst frequent flyers. Currently, it is only available in the United States for domestic travel. However, the program is consistently growing, with global program counterparts already being offered. The TSA program allows identified ‘low-risk’ travelers expedited clearance through airport security. At most US airports, there is a separate line offered for members of the TSA PreCheck program. In order to be eligible for program enrollment, you need to be either a US Citizen or a permanent resident. In addition, you are unable to have any previous criminal convictions on your record in order to be accepted.

Sign-Up For Global Entry

The Global Entry program is one of the most popular ways to expedite global business travel. Similar to the PreCheck program, Global Entry is operated by the Customs & Border Patrol. The Global Entry program is slightly more expensive than the TSA PreCheck program. However, becoming a member of the Global Entry program automatically enrolls you in the TSA PreCheck program. These programs allow ‘low-risk’ travelers expedited customs clearance and country reentry. Currently, the program is available at numerous airports across the nation. To become a Global Entry member, you are required to be a US Citizen or a permanent resident. Ensure you are aware of the constant changes in US citizenship policy to guarantee your qualifications. However, you can also obtain Global Entry benefits by being a citizen of Colombia, the United Kingdom, Germany, The Netherlands, Panama, Singapore, South Korea, and Mexico.

Utilize Passport Control Apps

Passport control apps are an increasingly popular way to expedite global business travel. These mobile applications allow you to input your information and authorize your documents directly from your smartphone or tablet. With these forms completed, you can have your information properly filed with the CBP (Customs & Border Patrol) before you even arrive at the airport. This greatly expedites your process throughout airport security. Even better, these apps allow you to check the current waits at airport security lines. This helps you effectively estimate the total time it will take you to check-in for your flight.

Monitor Flight Status

One of the simplest ways to expedite global business travel is simply by monitoring the status of your upcoming flight. Frequently monitor the status of your flight to ensure that upcoming trips are not delayed, canceled, or rescheduled. You can easily access this information on airline websites, by downloading flight tracker apps or simply by searching your flight number on If you purchase tickets in advance, there is a good chance there may be last minute changes in dates and times for each of your flights. At the same time, the status of your flight can be monitored after you take off. With this information, you can remain updated on the exact time of your arrival. Frequently monitor your flight status in order to expedite your global business travel procedures.

There are several essential ways to expedite global travel for modern business owners. Become a gold, platinum, or elite airline member in order to claim expedited processes and additional travel incentives. Sign up for the TSA PreCheck program if you frequently fly domestic, or the Global Entry program is you often travel internationally. A few airports across the United States have begun using passport control apps in order to expedite customs procedures. Furthermore, you need to monitor the status of your flight at all times to remain up-to-date with reschedules, cancellations, or delays. Consider the points above to learn about the essential ways to expedite global business travel.

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