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European Merchant Bank’s Dedication to Delivering Innovative Fintech Products

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If you’re a European business owner of a financial institution and you need a safe and secure banking service, then European Merchant Bank might just be the best option for your needs. EMBank is a relatively new bank, but it’s already making a name for itself in the European financial circles.

The bank deals with the most innovative fintech products, including top banking and financial solutions. It is fully dedicated to practicing the most up-to-date European regulatory guidelines to ensure top-quality open banking strategies.

The goal of EMBank is to allow European financial institutions to grow their operations beyond local markets, knowing that their finances are safe and secure. With EMBank, the power is in your hands.

Ensure maximum business growth with top digital banking solutions, receive the highest level of consultancy via a face-to-face consulting model, learn how to create new and lucrative opportunities for your business, and so much more. EMBank’s fintech products are here to usher in a new era of digital banking and cybersecurity.

The European Merchant Bank’s primary mission is to harness the power of business data analytics and technological knowledge to unlock the full potential that will open new doors for clients.

European Merchant Bank Setting Up in Lithuania

According to Ozan Ozerk, the main man behind the company, EMBank is fully dedicated to using the power of digital banking to deliver the most innovative and personalized foreign exchange and financial solutions that clients can further customize to fit their needs.

The expertise and single API integration are complemented by the European banking license, making EMBank a trustworthy partner in the realm of digital banking and finances. The European Merchant Bank is fully committed to its clients, which is why the bank holds all its practices transparently, says Ekmel Cilingir, the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of EMBank.

This is a bank of cutting-edge standards with guarantees that your finances will be safe with them. This is a newly established, specialized fintech-focused banking institution from Lithuania. This country is currently the best market for such a banking institution.

Such a market offers numerous opportunities and advantages and is simply perfect for European financial institutions looking to secure their funds. The financial sector is about to change and transform, leading to more businesses looking for the latest and most innovative fintech solutions and services.

EMBank obtained its banking license, and the new era of top quality digital banking is about to begin. The bank is fully dedicated to providing top quality deliverable FX and safeguarding accounts for European financial institutions.

The European Merchant Bank obtained its license through the Bank of Lithuania, and it was issued by the European Central Bank (ECB). It enables the bank to offer innovative banking solutions for payment, credits, and deposit acceptance, as well as cutting-edge payment card features.

However, the bank’s most significant advantage is offering safeguarding accounts with the primary goal to keep the money of European financial institutions safe and secure.

European Merchant Bank Safeguarding Accounts and Banking Services

Embracing all the advantages of digital banking is a slow process. It’s not that financial institutions aren’t willing to accept the change; they simply don’t know much about it and are concerned with the consequences in the aftermath.

That’s what the European Merchant Bank is trying to achieve; to educate these institutions on the importance and opportunity that digital banking offers. It’s all about empowering these institutions to inspire other companies to embrace all the advantages this new banking practice can offer.

Digital banking solutions are the best way to provide clients with exceptional expertise they can rely on and go to via a single API-based platform, backed by the European banking license. The best example is the European Merchant Bank’s safeguarding account, aimed at securing the European financial institutions’ funds with the Lithuania deposit guarantee scheme.

These institutions deal with vast amounts of money gathered from their clients and customers. EMBank uses the Lithuania deposit guarantee scheme to provide the highest level of professionalism, transparency, and accountability to help European institutions widen their influence on the EU business structure and guarantee their clients’ wellbeing.

This is why the European Merchant Bank operates in strict compliance with the latest banking norms. Sustainable banking is the only way to ensure constructive relationships and top banking solutions that rely on the latest technology to ensure well being and prosperity.

With all this in mind, the European financial institutions can count on the most advanced banking options that allow them to keep their funds safe and secure in designated separate accounts. Aside from guaranteeing the highest safety and security levels for their funds, EMBank also takes care of all your regulatory obligations.

The bank helps its clients focus on the core missions while getting all the necessary banking and financial support. More importantly, the bank keeps all the funds of their client’s customers safe and secure and always accessible if needs be.

The European Merchant Bank also offers other solutions that guarantee equal safety and security, and include accumulative accounts, business accounts, segregated accounts, and term deposit accounts.

Suppose your company is ready to embrace a larger view and harness the immense potential for growth that comes from this new digital way of doing things. In that case, the European Merchant Bank is the best and most lucrative way to keep the funds of your customers safe and secure.

Discover EMBank

In case you decide to use the digital banking services of the European Merchant Bank, you can expect trust and integrity, top quality and attention to detail, strict standards, and the highest level of compliance with all the latest regulations.

This digital bank supports its clients’ business growth and works towards providing top solutions that help clients achieve their financial, banking, and business goals. Visit their website today and see why so many European financial institutions decided to put their trust in EMBank.

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