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Why Eastern Europe Became the Top Offshore Destination for Software Development Outsourcing

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Offshore software development is as popular as ever before. With teams being locked down in home offices anyway, what does it matter whether they are in your country or miles away?

Many software development companies hire IT, specialists, from Eastern European countries specifically. Why so? What is so attractive about development teams from there?

All of the questions mentioned above will be answered in this article. After reading, you can not only satisfy your common curiosity but you will be able to decide whether IT professionals from Eastern Europe are a good fit for your business.

9 Reasons to Outsource Development Process to Eastern Europe


Software engineers from Eastern European countries have much lower pay rates than their colleagues in Western Europe or the USA. The services of theirs will cost two or three times lower. Consequently, you will be able to reduce the costs of your projects by half at least. Such a big cost reduction is extremely useful for startup IT companies who do not have big salaries to offer.

Big Talent Pool

Eastern Europe has a great talent pool at your service. As for 2017, there were over 1 million developers in this region but the numbers are increasing every year. Considering this data, you can assume that you can find programmers that will fit you. Moreover, outsourcing companies usually work with the most talented developers who went through interviews and several projects.

Mature IT Market

Eastern Europe appeared on the map of IT outsourcing more than 20 years ago. By now the whole industry is established and well-developed. Countries have formed IT clusters and It incubators that support the high-level education of computer engineers, the growth of tech startups, and strengthen positions of Eastern Europe as a world IT hub.

Governmental Support for IT

In many Eastern European countries, the government supports the IT industry making it more and more popular. They encourage young people to apply to tech specialties by giving additional points to those who have chosen IT. Moreover, they reduce taxes for those who work in this branch. The government also organizes or supports the organization of big IT forums, hackathons, webinars, and workshops to bring the IT community closer.

A Constantly Growing Number of Tech Graduates

Due to governmental encouragement, high salaries, and IT itself being a trend, more and more Eastern Europeans choose IT as a career. Consequently, the market is constantly growing and the talent pool is becoming wider and wider. American and Western European countries can be sure that the outsource staff will be only expanding in the upcoming years.

No Big Cultural Differences

One of the main fears in the outsourcing option is the necessity to learn how to work with other cultures and respect them. It is a real fear that has logical reasons and miscommunication due to cultural misunderstandings is a problem. It may stop or pause the projects.

Conveniently enough, Eastern European culture is not that different from the USA or Eastern Europe. Consequently, you may have one outsourcing fearlessness.

Top-Rated Developers

According to international ratings, Eastern European countries have extremely skillful IT professionals. According to SkillValue, 4 Eastern European countries made it to the top-5. It does say something about talent from these countries.

Good English

Eastern European outsourcing companies require a high level of English. It is a part of the interview. Therefore, software engineers who can barely speak the language will not make it through.

No Big Time Zone Difference

The difference in time is relatively small. Eastern and Western Europe have an hour difference while there are 6 hours between Eastern Europe and the USA. Compared to Asia (more than 10 hours), it is nothing. You do not have to worry that your employees sleep while you work.

Leading Eastern European Countries in Software Development Services

If you did decide upon Eastern Europe, you have to know that not every country within it is the same. There are three leading countries to consider:


Poland is actually a part of the European Union, does not have any time difference with Western Europe, and has the most skillful developers. If you hire a development team from Poland, you are likely to pay a bit more than in other countries but it is worth the money.


Romania’s software development companies are famous for working with the PHP language. The country hosted numerous international companies. It is a part of the European Union as well and is very close to European values.


Ukraine is a safe country for software development, unlike many people may think. An offshore development team in Ukraine will provide profound knowledge in Java, Python, Javascript, and C# languages, one of the lowest pay rates, and top-quality service.


Eastern Europe has a variety of benefits to offer: from a good knowledge of English and a similar culture to a wide talent pool and top-quality results. Therefore, it is not surprising at all that it became the main outsource destination in 2020. Poland, Romania, and Ukraine are believed to be the best countries to consider within this area.

Outsourcing in Eastern Europe changes the way you think about software development. You only have to take this opportunity and try something new.

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