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Patokh Chodiev: How to Create a Business Empire From Scratch?

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Patokh Chodiev knows the secret of how to organize a business empire literally from scratch. His path to billions was not a bed of roses at all. To become what he is now, Patokh Chodiev did a hard job. Now he is known all over the world also due to the interesting history of his formation as an entrepreneur. The truly impressive success of the companies he co-owns is about Eurasian Bank and ENRC. Equally surprising for the citizens is the amount of entrepreneurial investments in charity.

The Childhood and Youth of Patokh Chodiev

The childhood of the future entrepreneur passed in a modest setting. He was born in a family where, in addition to him, several children were brought up. While still a boy, Patokh Chodiev realized that for success in life, you need to work hard, tirelessly. Therefore, he began working at a fairly young age as a corrector for one of the local newspapers in Uzbekistan.

Realizing the potential for a more skilled and interesting job, he went to study in Moscow. Here he successfully graduated from MGIMO as a future specialist in international law. Then he worked for several years as an assistant in the USSR trade mission in Japan. Then the dream of the Uzbek boy came true: to see with his own eyes the country of the rising sun.

Patokh Chodiev Begins to Do Business

After the USSR was divided into separate states, Patokh Chodiev went to Kazakhstan to do business. Then the entrepreneur fully concentrated on the development of one of the largest companies in the field of mining and processing of mineral resources in Kazakhstan and other developing countries – ENRC. He did this not alone, but together with two business partners well-known around the world.

ENRC has gradually evolved from an ordinary mining company into a major international corporation. Now it is one of the top largest companies smelting ferrochrome and iron ore. But Patokh Chodiev put a lot of effort into this: there were years when he and his business associates lived in factories around the clock. This was necessary for the reanimation of weak, still Soviet in mentality, state-owned enterprises on the verge of bankruptcy. As a reward for hard work, Patokh Chodiev and his fellow entrepreneurs received a controlling stake in the saved factories.

The Work of Patokh Chodiev in the Largest Bank in Kazakhstan – the Eurasian Bank

Patokh Chodiev has long been a member of the management of the Eurasian Bank. Recently, the entrepreneur decided to retire and left the post of one of the directors of this company to engage in other activities. This financial institution has an excellent reputation in business and financial circles. He is trusted by loans and deposits of thousands of citizens of Kazakhstan.

Now the entrepreneur has several citizenships. One of which is Belgian. He got that one during his close work with companies in Belgium. Being among the directors of the company, the businessman showed himself well as a competent financier and expert on business processes. After signing an international agreement with the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan, he was able to obtain Belgian citizenship as a reward.

The entrepreneur is confident that his life would not have been so successful if it had not been for studying at MGIMO. Patokh Chodiev is convinced that only a quality education can give a real start to life. And even with excellent natural inclinations, it is difficult to succeed in financial circles, especially international ones, without it.

Thanks to studying at a Moscow university, a future entrepreneur was able to master the Japanese language, and then visit a country that he had dreamed about since childhood.

The Institute of International Relations taught the future billionaire not only to work hard but also helped to find a huge number of friends and like-minded people.

Now the entrepreneur is actively involved in charity work. He pays special attention to his native institution of higher education. He has been engaged in this business for more than a dozen years. And in 2008, he invested more than 100 million rubles in the development of the university.


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