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How AI & Automation Are Improving The Contact Centre Industry in Australia

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The Covid 19 pandemic has proved to be a significant stress test for businesses’ continuity in the global terrain. The call center operators have come to the rescue and play a crucial role in meeting this challenge. Industry leaders OracleCMS who provide Australian contact centre services are also playing a significant role in improving AI & Automation to benefit their customers.

Numerous companies in Australia have utilized the opportunity to put advanced technology in their contact centers to serve the customers better. They are taking advantage of contact centers to enable their employees to work from home with intelligent routing, call services, and advanced automation.

If you want to learn further about how this entire process works, you can proceed ahead in the write-up. Here, you’ll find all relevant information regarding the topic, along with some additional data.

What Does AI Stand for in Customer Service Australia?

Automated or AI Customer Service is a software or technology that enables the customers to help themselves by using virtual assistants to manage necessary inquiries and interactions. The following point shows how AI and Automation are improving the contact center industry in Australia.

AI for After Call Work

Conversation-oriented automation and AI deliver measurable and significant business value, including after-call automation work where traditional solutions have failed to work. CSA or Conversational Service Automation employs robotic process automation (RPA), conversational AI, and workflow automation to bridge machines and humans and front and back-office operations during a customer’s conversation with a brand.

AI Delivers Measurable Results

AI analysis the call and automation delete the repetitive, manual tasks like conversational data entry. CSA platforms improve agent efficiency, lessen the time required for after-call work, ensure quality and consistency of wrap-up efforts, and reduce the handling time required previously. AI call disposition increases the accuracy by driving better quality of call categories in CRM systems. It also reduces the agents’ stress to capture necessary information during and after a call, which also helps the employees pay attention to the customers without worrying about recording every word.

Navigates Customers Around the Company Websites

Shortage of staff is common, especially in bigger multichannel contact centers, and advisors are multi-stretched. Only a few of the employees are found to be multiskilled in such companies. AI comes to the rescue to tackle such problems. AI in Australia is stepping up for virtual assistance to direct the customers to essential parts of a website like the FAQ section. If an assistant is unable to answer a question, they will simply navigate the customer to a live chat advisor.

Predicts Customer Behavior

AI can predict a new or changed customer behavior at a very early stage in their development. AI and interaction analytics tools accelerate the identification of the changed behavior, which ultimately implies less human intervention. This helps the call centers to understand the emerging customer expectations and needs quite effectively. This is useful to retain customers who are looking for information about specific topics.

Helps To Manage Big Data

Customer centers have to accumulate a lot of data on an everyday basis. Customers provide ample personal data to such companies; hence they expect the companies to remember them. One of the reasons customers get frustrated is when they have to repeat the data repeatedly. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the solution to that. It captures, analyzes, cross-references, and shares information across channels and platforms without any intrusion.

Improves Self-Service

This is one of the prime areas where contact centers use AI services. Self-service helps with simple interactions and everyday requests. Sophisticated linguistic processing makes people feel like interacting with human beings without a hint of who is beneath the screen. With this feature, AI helps to serve customers proficiently by automating accurate responses.


Here is a wrap-up of how AI and Automation are improving the customer centers in Australia. As seen in the above write-up Artificial Intelligence and Automation play a significant role in devising well-coordinated customer service in Australia. Hopefully, you could gather ample knowledge on the topic by reading this piece. For any related queries, leave a comment. Stay connected for more updates.

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