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#TYBCommunity Round-Up: Twitter Wishlist, Apps for Social Media Management etc

In this #TYBCommunity round-up we have posts on Twitter features that should be added, mobile apps for social media management, social media challenges for small businesses, Facebook marketing, your LinkedIn profile, content that flies, time management tips, successful entrepreneurs, gamification for your employees and more.

#TYBCommunity Round-Up: Twitter Wishlist, Apps for Social Media Management etc


7 Twitter Features That Should Be Added (Because They’d Totally ROCK!) – While Twitter is my favorite platform, I do see areas where improvements could make a huge difference. Post Planner

6 Must Use Mobile Apps for Social Media Management – Mobile apps are a great way to manage social media marketing campaigns because of the ease and convenience they bring.  Ron Sela

5 Challenges Small Businesses Face in Social Media (And How to Solve Them) – Social media is a key generator for your business; let it be either an online or a brick and mortar business, you need social media to literally survive in this world. Success Ground

The State of Facebook Marketing: What’s Working and Why – Opening Keynote for Social Media Day San Diego – June 30th, 3015. Mari Smith

Top 7 Steps to Make the Most of Your LinkedIn Profile – If you are planning to boost your professional life, you should definitely focus on using your LinkedIn profile in the best way possible. Dipanjan Mukherjee on Tweak Your Biz

These 4 Charts Reveal Facebook’s Strength as a Media Platform – Media outlets have been incredibly engaging on Facebook, and with an almost entirely organic distribution strategy to boot. Social Bakers

How to Create Content that Flies: Greg Fry – The How to Create Content that Flies Workshop was a huge success so we thought we would share the Slideshare Presentation with you and some of the key highlights that Greg imparted on the day. Content Plan


24 Timeless Time Management Tips for Freelancers – Given that the day will never expand past 24 hours, how can you reclaim your time and attention so that you can do the work you need to, yet have enough space and energy to focus on the things that matter the most? Growing Your Biz

8 Signs Of Incredibly Successful Entrepreneurs – While they keep at their journey and chase after the success of their dreams they display some kind of energy or trait that you won’t see in many people. This traits are what helps them succeed and define a new path or a new venture. Lifehack

4 Ways to Use Gamification with Your Employees – More than 50% of businesses are expected to use gamification by the end of 2015. Learn how you can use it in your business. Lucinda Watrous on Tweak Your Biz

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This contributor’s Tweak Your Biz articles have reached more than 100,000 people.

This contributor’s Tweak Your Biz articles have reached more than 100,000 people.

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