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Drumroll Please! The 10 Most Popular Bloggertone Posts of 2011 Were:

With 2012 on the horizon and the final days of 2011 fast approaching, I thought I would take a look back at the 10 most popular Bloggertone posts from the last year.

# 1. QR Codes: Will They Be Big In 2011?

Back in January, Beatrice Whelan wanted to know if QR codes would be big in 2011 and with just under 12K page views, it seems a lot of other people did too!

# 2. 12 Ways To Improve Productivity At The Workplace

Even though this post was published during 2010, these 12 suggestions from Neil Jones on how to improve workplace productivity continued to be a massively popular Bloggertone post in 2011.

# 3. Traits Of A Great Sales Person

Sales people are the public face of business and this post and his second entry into our top ten from Neil, identifies which personality traits make for the greatest salespeople.

# 4. The Importance Of A Personal Development Plan

Our 4th most popular 2011 post was written by Frank Bradley. Frank looks at our ability to learn from experiences and why he believes the creation of a personal development plan is central to this process.

# 5. 10 of the MOST STUPID Interview Questions EVER

Another 2010 post that continued to prove popular in 2011! – In it, I put forward my 10 of the most stupid interview questions ever.

# 6. The Not So Sweet 16: Common Mistakes Businesses Make With Social Media

Be careful not to rush into social media with your eyes closed! Greg Fry’s look at some of the biggest mistakes companies make using social media, was our 6th most popular post in 2011.

# 7. How I Make Money On Twitter

If you could make money on Twitter, would you be interested? Of course you would! This brilliant  how-to Twitter strategy from Ivan Walsh was our 7th most popular post on Bloggertone in 2011.

# 8. Making Facebook Welcome Pages Work For Your Small Business

Customised Facebook landing tabs proved increasingly popular among businesses in 2011 and so did Amanada Webb’s post and examples on how to do it well.

# 9. What Can Kellogg’s QR Code Campaign teach us about Marketing

The second post  in our top 10 dealing with QR codes, Anne Perez‘s case study on how Kellogg’s successfully used them to great effect was our 9th most popular of the year.

# 10. An Expensive Lesson In Domain Names

Back in April, our CEO Anita Campbell shared with us an expensive lesson in domain names she learnt when starting out, rounding off our 2011 top 10 list.

Happy New Year! Which post was your favourite from Bloggertone during the year?

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