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To translate or not to translate? That is the question

As companies look at expanding their international footprint, using their websites as an essential channel to market, localisation of marketing materials and websites will be an issue that they confront.  We are in the fortunate position to have English as our mother tongue, the most common language on the web. The other most commonly used languages on the web are: Chinese, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Japanese. European markets are there – they are sizeable. Germany, France, Spain & Italy equate to a 200 million marketplace.  These markets are online and doing business and, increasingly, we are using the internet to target these markets.

If you are aiming to win market share from your local market competitors then communicating in local market languages makes sense. If we care to interact and communicate with the customers in these regions – we can do business.
By interacting in their language – we are INCREASING our chances of being successful.
It’s Glocal: Think Global, Market Local.  Multi-lingual websites enable organisations to reach more customers online.

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2.    Extract the text for translation, including any text hard-coded into menus, images or flash animations.

RyanAir menu schematic

RyanAir menu schematic

3.    Don’t forget about keywords and meta-tags, it’s important that these are translated also.

4.    Get your website translated professionally: it’s Marketing.

5.    Insert the translated text back into the html coding

6.    Add the flags or drop down menus

7.    Carry out a final online proof read, and bug-check

8.    Start SEO and Google Marketing and watch the hits increase

SEO RyanAir Esp

Develop and plan translation of your website and SEO optimisation in each language.

Are you translating your website?  What difference has it made to your sales?  How are you measuring?  We’d love to hear your comments.

Una Coleman

Una Coleman

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