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10 Mobile Apps Every Entrepreneur Should Use

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For entrepreneurs, time is money and every second counts. Therefore, time management is essential, and this means being more efficient. It is not just the best use of a busy day to get most things done, but avoiding time wastage is equally important; consequently, being better organized is the key to success.

With the help of technology, and being tech-savvy, is where using mobile apps make the most sense for this.

There are thousands of executive style apps to help keep things slick and productive. From simple time management apps to full board room executive decision processes. It’s all about the selection of apps that are designed specifically for entrepreneurs.

Many apps for entrepreneurs are still free or at a very low cost yet bring a raft of sophistication to virtually all angles of management. It is almost an industrial crime not to make use of these productivity tools!

Go ahead, check your smartphone if you have loaded it with the essentials to aid and revolutionize your business.

Here is a list of 10 must-have apps to help you get the most out of your day.

#1. Evernote

Evernote is the epitome of a go-to app for keeping your best thoughts in order. Jot down your best brainwaves and add photos, to-do lists, web pages, voice reminders and sync your files together for literally every note you can think of. Just by definition, this app should have you ready to scribble your next business plan.

Evernote also has Optical Character Recognition or OCR feature. It, therefore, can scan an image from any readable text. For example, you can scan a hardware receipt, and it will automatically store the name of that hardware shop even if you hadn’t saved it making it easy for you to retrieve the information of your purchases by just searching for the hardware’s name.

The app is arguably the best app for boosting your productivity, available for iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry, and Android.

#2. TripIt

This app is your travel agent on the go.  TripIt keeps track of all your bookings and schedules and conveniently holds your booking confirmations backed up to email. Your business trips can be kept logged and organized. Their ‘Pro’ version also sends you real-time notifications for cancellations, delays, and even gate changes.

Here’s another clincher: Not only does it find you alternative flights with available seats, but does it fast! TripIt app not only helps you in getting to meetings on time but saves you loads of cash and misunderstandings with travel agents.

#3. Dropbox

For the Internet savvy, who hasn’t heard of Dropbox?

Sure there are many cloud storage apps in the market, but Dropbox is perhaps the easiest to use for file sharing. This feature comes as part of its basic free package. If you need to increase storage space, a Premium account can be bought at a reasonable price.

Protect your files and documents with a password and when you’re ready to collaborate and share documents, photos, and videos with your team, you can invite them by providing the password. Cut down on time-consuming emailing by keeping the relevant docs up-to-date and under full control within your customization. Its flexibility and convenience make Dropbox a personal favorite.

#4. LastPass

Make password remembering a thing of the past with LastPass password organizer. LastPass doesn’t just keep passwords in one place but acts as your retrieval system for form filling. This highly organized software remembers passwords for you, hence, saving you crucial time.

How it works: You download LastPass on any computer device using your login credentials (the only information you need to remember), and it syncs your details automatically.

Most importantly, LastPass developers assure you of security with their AES 256-bit encryption and a team that are continuously a step ahead of any cyber security threats.

#5. Flowdock

Flowdock is all about project collaboration. When you have various projects on the go, you need to keep in full control of who is doing what. Team members can quickly be brought together on most browsers or mobile platforms. File uploads are quick and easy to share. Its drag and drop feature, as well as activity streams, show exactly where instant updates and responses are needed to keep everyone in the loop.

It boasts of its 1-1 chat and group messaging features, where, anyone can be reached in real-time for those priority and urgent deliverables.

#6. Mint

Money management is a headache for most people, but the Mint app makes it ridiculously simple. All monetary matters and budget forecasting can be done in one central location. Mint is loaded with features that can fit any budget-making style. From basic cost predictions to making money-smart decisions, Mint has the flexibility for most analytics.

Mint does far more than act as an overdue payment reminder because it will suggest how to find additional savings from the figures, and has expense-impact tools to test what desired purchases can make to the overall fiscal scenario.

#7. Invoice2Go

It is amazing how much money is lost through poorly constructed invoicing especially those relying on paper invoices or emails. Invoice2Go has the tools to remedy all of these problems so no more wastage. Accounting trails start with the invoice information, so credit notes should be added to adjust correctly for any alterations. Incorrect invoice information stemming from unorganized account management leads to lost information, which is often written off due to lack of proof of money outstanding.

This smart app allows you to view how your business is performing and creates reports of all your invoices. It keeps track of expenses as well as storing all your issued receipts. And you can have all these without having to drag around bulky paperwork.   So what’s not to like?

#8. PayPal

PayPal is another tool known mostly by individuals but can act as a powerful and custom built business payments platform. PayPal is one of the most accepted methods of online payment.

Smart entrepreneurs capitalize on PayPal’s ability to hold alternative currencies for exchange when better rates are available. It relieves entrepreneurs the burden of having to make purchases with credit cards that can sometimes be inexplicably declined. With PayPal, multi-currency accounts linked to bank accounts guarantee payment completion.

#9. Skype

Skype is well used and much loved as a family and friend communication tool, but its potential is also impressive for providing a very cheap form of professional contact options. Video and voice calls plus instant messaging provide lifelines to customers at minimal cost to an enterprise and is not used enough. Its group conference calls keep clients and work collaborators in the loop effortlessly.

Other standard features also include voicemail and call forwarding, caller ID, and you can also have multiple Skype numbers in a single account. Best of all, it’s free!

#10. Genius Scan

Scanning documents will always be very useful to business, so handheld devices only add to the convenience. Genius Scan lends its considerable tools for the user to scan easily and send as images via email or PDF. Image cropping and perspective adjustment mean scanning, adjusting, sharing and archiving can be done from a single app. Compatible with Dropbox and Box, scanning on the go can be very effective for productivity and efficiency.

Genius Scan is currently available as a freebie or a $7 Premium version which will allow imported PDFs and automatic uploads of scans as well as knocking out those annoying ads.

There’s an app for almost all essential tasks for an entrepreneur. Your time is precious and so is the work you need to get through, so use these highly innovative apps to work for you and add directly to your productivity. There’s no doubt work you hard, so work smart as well with apps designed to make things easier.

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