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10 Links You May Have Missed, But Shouldn’t!

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‎1. # “Sisters Are Doin’ It for Themselves” Are you a member of a women-centered business group? Really thought provoking post from Elli Stgeorge-godfrey of Ability Success Growth-3 Keys Coach and check out the comments. What do you think? Does separating the women in business from the men in business limit growth?

2. # What makes an entrepreneur great? Super question from Dane Carlson’s Business Opportunities Weblog. Please share your thoughts.

3. # Is Becoming An Entrepreneur For Everyone? David Siteman Garland from The Rise To The Top gives his take in this video (via BizSugar)

4. # Did you know that Starbucks has just introduced a new logo? Rob Berman asks “Does Your Logo Equal Your Brand?”

5. # “You are not entitled to a follow-back on Twitter simply because you follow someone. You are not entitled to blog subscribers or comments simply because you publish stuff. You are not entitled to clicks to your junk or signups for your newsletter or any thing of the sort” Amber Naslund spells out a few home truths about the web over at Brass Tack Thinking.

6. # Looking for Social Media Case Studies? Here’s 50 Of The Best Social Media Case Studies, Reports And Pieces Of Research. Great post from Simply Zesty!

7. # Paddy Cosgrave talks to Ina O Murchu from about his ideas for the next Dublin Web Summit taking place on March 8th, 2011.

8. # Want to sell your goods from the Facebook newsfeed? Check out this presentation from Thanks to Luke for the share.

9. # Here’s how a startup named Hipster got 10K signups in two days, without revealing what it does

10. # Do you use Wikipedia? It celebrates it’s 10th year anniversary this month and they’ve published this video. (Thanks to Cindy King and Social Media Examiner for the share)

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