Every business has a global footprint, even if you only serve a small geographic footprint. Thanks to the internet, anyone can read almost anything about anyone at anytime. Is your global reputation in line with your business objectives? Are you ready to springboard into a new market? The TYB Global section is for the virtual globetrotter in all of us – helping you conquer new territories and achieve international brand consistency.

How to Make Small Investments in Canada

When we think about people who succeeded in making a fortune, we do not assume that they earned a great deal of money by patiently putting pennies aside for years. Ebenezer Scrooge in Dickens’ novella might have accumulated some money by underpaying his clerk. Still, it is hard to believe that our present-day movers and […]
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Top 10 Tips for Safe Medical Tourism

Medical tourism is a popular trend that not only saves money and treats but makes it possible to travel and explore new cultures. But no matter what are your reasons to travel abroad to get medical assistance — to treat a serious disease or improve your appearance, keep in mind that this trip is still […]
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Fahad Al Rajaan


Fahad Al Rajaan: A Short Bio

Born on the 23rd December 1948, Fahad Al Rajaan is a successful Kuwaiti businessman. From 2000 to 2015, Mr Al Rajaan presided as Chairman of Ahli United Bank (formerly the United Bank of Kuwait), Bahrain’s largest lender by market. The PIFSS In 1984, the Government of Kuwait assigned Fahad Al Rajaan the role of Director […]
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How Startup Accelerators Work?

Startup accelerators (also known as Seed accelerators) are increasingly becoming popular among entrepreneurs. With the help of startup accelerators, entrepreneurs can now quickly get their hands on the funds, resources, connections, and skills required to make their business idea a success — resources such as competitive accountants, marketing advisers, lawyers, etc. The key question for […]
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middle aged worker in neck brace with broken arm sitting at table and talking to businessman in blue jacket in office, compensation concept


A Business Owner’s Guide to Workers’ Compensation Insurance

For most business owners, the concept of insurance is not a foreign one. It’s something they’ve likely dealt with throughout their personal and professional lives. For that reason, it’s not uncommon for them to have at least a basic understanding of how the common types of business insurance work. There is, however, one kind of […]
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London as a Business Hub

Why You Should Think About Starting and Running a Business in London About London: Immediately after the 2016 referendum, a notion prevailed that the United Kingdom would lose its global position of being one of the financial leaders in the world and a substantial financial hub once it exits the European Union (EU). This proved to […]
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Manage Family Relationships Growing Brussels Business

How to Manage Family Relationships and a Growing Business in the Brussels

Brussels is the capital city of Belgium. Internationally, in 2019, Belgium ranked 45th by the World Bank in terms of ease of doing business in the world. With its unique geographical advantage having access to over 500milion European consumers, Brussels is a desirable location for business.  The cost of living is on the fair side […]
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Steps to Raise Seed Capital

  A Detailed Guide on How to Raise Seed Capital Newly formed enterprises have to bear the burden of insufficient funding, shortage of resources, and a lack of customers. From the very beginning, they have to employ cost-cutting practices, build connections within investor networks to get access to funding while also employing tactics such as […]
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How to Do Taxes for Your Crypto Gains

Cryptocurrencies are an attractive investment market. The constant variation of the values assets in the crypto markets undergo can lead to huge profits over short periods of time. For example, bitcoin value was at $6,493 in October 2018 and at the time of this writing is valued at over $9,394 per coin. This resulted in […]
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