Every business has a global footprint, even if you only serve a small geographic footprint. Thanks to the internet, anyone can read almost anything about anyone at anytime. Is your global reputation in line with your business objectives? Are you ready to springboard into a new market? The TYB Global section is for the virtual globetrotter in all of us – helping you conquer new territories and achieve international brand consistency.

Change the World Business Ideas

Not Only Mint Money but Also Change the World with These Business Ideas

The world today faces numerous socio-economic problems like climate change, humanitarian crises, epidemics, conflicts, and inequalities. Increasingly, these problems are capturing the attention of many in the business world and companies are understanding they have a large role to play in addressing such problems.  More than any other generation, the millennials are highly conscious of […]
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Wrongful Death Lawsuit Works

How a Wrongful Death Lawsuit Works

The death of a loved one can leave you devastated. It can deprive you of happiness and hope. This is especially the case if the death was sudden and unexpected if the person was taken from you well before their time. As you recover from the shock of death, you will, of course, want to […]
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Singapore Trademark Registration

Singapore Trademark Registration

Trademark Registration Guide in Singapore What is a Trademark? A trademark is a letter, word, name, signature, numeral, device, brand, heading, label, shape, color, an aspect of packaging or a combination of these, which is used in the course of a business or trade to distinguish a person’s goods or services from those of others. […]
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Advantages Of Hiring Property Lawyers

Major Advantages Of Hiring Property Lawyers While Purchasing A House

Purchasing a property is indeed a thrilling time for most of the home buyers. The process is complex, lengthy as well as stringent. Purchasing a house is nothing less than entering into some contractual agreement. Through the offer, acceptance, cooling-off period and the final settlement, many facets of the procedure are enforceable by the court […]
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Ukrainian Commodity Market

Influence of the Donbass Conflict on the Ukrainian Commodity Market

Since 2014 the world community has observed the armed conflict in Donbass, Ukraine. This war took a huge toll on Ukraine: 3,331 civilians killed; 12,800–13,000 killed and 27,500–30,000 wounded overall; 1,414,798 Ukrainians internally displaced; 925,500 fled abroad. During the conflict, the infrastructure of Donbass was seriously damaged. Local enterprises were unable to work under normal conditions, […]
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Business Cash Advance Loans


Get Business Cash Advance Loans Immediately

Getting a business loan is straightforward and simple for most private ventures, and even the individuals who have poor FICO ratings. While this does not matter to bank credits, these are the prerequisites of private moneylenders, and private loan specialists are among the main funders as of now. Most business proprietors who are searching for […]
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Prepare For A Career in Global Marketing


How To Prepare For A Career in Global Marketing?

Brand expansion at an international level is never complete without global marketing. Every business aspires to go global and in that process, it needs efficient marketers who can win the hearts of local audiences in different countries. Applying international marketing practices helps businesses to stay ahead of their competitors.  Companies are always looking to expand […]
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