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Benefits of Registering Your Trademark in Canada

5 Benefits of Registering Your Trademark in Canada

In Canada, trademark rights can be acquired for both registered and unregistered trademarks. While a trademark does not need to be registered to be protectable, registration of a trademark provides significant benefits for the trademark owner including: nationwide protection across Canada for 15 years; the right to exclusive use of the trademark in Canada; evidence […]
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Trademark Registration Important in India

Why is Trademark Registration Important in India?

Protection of trademark is a matter of public policy in the interest of trademark owners and the and the public at large as consumers of goods and services. As was highlighted by the Delhi High Court in Cable News Network (CNN) v. Cam News Network Limited. “A trademark is much more than just name or symbol of identity that […]
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Effective Teams Help Build Great Startups

How Effective Teams Help Build Great Startups?

The key factor behind the success of a startup business is a great team The dynamics of the startup industry are continuously changing in the 21st century, bringing with it more competition and the need for skilled resources. A startup is founded on the foundation of a strong team, starting with skilled co-founders and growing […]
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Tech Solutions to Lower Your Legal Costs

Tech Solutions to Lower Your In-House Legal Costs

The world of legal technology is on the rise, as more and more lawyers turn to digital innovations to ease workloads, management practices and reduce expenditure. In fact, in 2018 the total spend on law tech climbed to a staggering $1 billion! There are certain tech solutions that you simply can’t afford to ignore, offering […]
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5 Top Tips To Prevent Your Company From Legal Liabilities

5 Top Tips To Prevent Your Company From Legal Liabilities

Every enterprise in the world, regardless of size, is subject to a raft of rules and regulations. If you disregard your legal responsibilities, you risk incurring significant penalties and even jail time. The list of legal liabilities for businesses is complex and exhaustive. In addition, the nature of your business may have its own set […]
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Rising Marketing Trends of the Indian Fashion Industry

Rising Marketing Trends of the Indian Fashion Industry

The Indian fashion industry has grown rapidly due to the rising trends of fashion in the world. This growth has also been brought about by people adapting to the western form of dressing. Also, the new brands in fashion have brought affordable fashion clothes and it has contributed too, in the development of India’s fashion […]
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How to Expand Your eCommerce Business Globally

How to Expand Your eCommerce Business Globally

eCommerce business has become a norm for all the young entrepreneurs and they are exploring the various facets of how to start an eCommerce business. They are trying to capture not just the local market but also exploring the possibility of expansion on a global scale as well. The ease of setting up an eCommerce […]
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How Is Using Its Technology to Tackle the Food Industry is using its assets to find ways to give back to communities by getting healthy, quality food into the hands of those who need it. As China’s largest retailer,’s latest efforts are just one more example of how seriously the company takes pursuing social responsibility while continuing to function as a retail powerhouse. […]
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How Does the Volatility of Oil Prices Affect the US Dollar?

In many ways, oil prices will always remain synonymous with emerging economies and their individual currencies. This is because the vast majority of emerging economies depend heavily on the production and the sale of oil, whilst many of these nations are also established as large-scale exporters of this commodity. With this in mind, it’s little […]
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What to Consider When Starting a Business in South Africa

If you were going to start a business abroad in the current climate, South Africa would arguably not be your first port of call. After all, the country has been mired in an economic slump for several years now, whilst there are significant cultural differences between South Africa and the UK. However, South Africa may […]
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