Every business has a global footprint, even if you only serve a small geographic footprint. Thanks to the internet, anyone can read almost anything about anyone at anytime. Is your global reputation in line with your business objectives? Are you ready to springboard into a new market? The TYB Global section is for the virtual globetrotter in all of us – helping you conquer new territories and achieve international brand consistency.

Tech Company

How to build and scale a tech company from anywhere

Silicon Valley is a great place to build a tech company. But it’s not always a possibility, or as the pandemic has shown us, a requirement. The resources needed to build and scale a tech company are available anywhere. If anything, it is actually pretty normal to start your company out of a garage (Amazon, […]
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sense of urgency


Sense of urgency is out – sense of competition is in

The Hot SALE, only today! GET IT NOW! You probably should have this kind of titles and promotions all over the internet, in the shops or on the brochures. This is the most common method of advertisement and selling a product. Well, it definitely was the most common practice for sure. It definitely worked very […]
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artificial intelligence


How Machine Learning and AI Will Affect the Future of eCommerce

Machine Learning and AI has become more evident into our daily lives, where the eCommerce sector is not an exception. You can clearly see how much value they bring to the eCommerce businesses today.  Isn’t it amazing that they can do what we thought only we humans could do? AI, particularly the machine learning subset […]
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US laws and rights that every citizen should know.

Being a citizen of any country means you are entitled to some basic rights. Similarly, the government is responsible for enacting laws aimed at protecting the life and properties of its citizens. But because of their numerous and constantly changing terms, citizens must stay updated about the laws governing them.  While you can access the […]
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Why Do We Need Creative Agencies Today?

Professionalism is the backbone of every business. When a business is just starting or needs a fresh start, a creative agency can help. Digital presence, communications strategies and even internal communications can fall under the scope of an agency. Whether you’re launching a startup or need to change your business’ image, a Japanese creative agency […]
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Guide on Setting Up New Business in UAE

Starting your new business in UAE can be challenging, but you cannot get a better place to start your business. It is a very well-established business destination for people and entrepreneurs from all across the globe. Dubai is one of the best emirates of the seven emirates, known as the financial capital of UAE and […]
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How AI & Automation Are Improving The Contact Centre Industry in Australia

The Covid 19 pandemic has proved to be a significant stress test for businesses’ continuity in the global terrain. The call center operators have come to the rescue and play a crucial role in meeting this challenge. Industry leaders OracleCMS who provide Australian contact centre services are also playing a significant role in improving AI […]
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Softros LAN Chat Office Messenger

The COVID-19 global pandemic has many of us still working from home. But for those of us who don’t have the option to work from home, we need a safe way to continue intra-office communication. The days of walking over to a friend’s office to ask a question or share information have been suspended until […]
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Ultimate Guide for Foreign Businesses in China in 2021

The Covid-19 crisis has spread all over the world. Currently, up to 80 million cases worldwide, 18 million only in the U.S. many firms are scrambling to mobilize responses to the heavy shocks that covid has sent to businesses in almost all industries. There aren’t any easy answers because of the unpredictability of disease dynamics, […]
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An Easy-to-Follow Guide for Singapore PR Application

Individuals who wish to apply for permanent residence (PR) in Singapore should be Employment Pass (EP) holders under fifty years old and are allowed to include their spouses and unmarried children below twenty-one years old in the application. The process for applying PR is straightforward, however, it does require time and research to proceed with […]
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