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Get a Business Loan to Start Your Dream Small Business

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A business loan is designed uniquely to fund the operations and/or capital expenditures of a business. The injection of funds can help your business during periods of economic downturn and they can also be utilized to aid the growth of your business.

What type of Business Loan suits your need?

Do you want to start your own business? In this article learn how to apply for a business loan to help you kick-start your business.  Your business may have specific loan requirements, as such, we will discuss the different types of loans that exist.

  • A Term Loan is a loan for a fixed amount with a clear-cut repayment schedule. The

    Words of the Wise

    Take note of the following pointers before applying for a business loan.

    • What is the Loan For? Ask yourself why your business requires a loan. It’s possible that there’s another solution and you may not even need to borrow money. If you are trying to finance the loss your business is making or buy an asset that doesn’t generate income, opting for a loan is a terrible idea. On the other hand, buying an important piece of equipment that will aid your business at an appropriate time is a good reason to go for a business loan.
    • Establish the Budget: An accurate forecast of the loan amount that is required by your business should be made before applying for one. Don’t over or under-estimate your needs.
    • Know your Boundaries: Ensure that you can repay the loan. Your debt payments should be less than 30% of the total monthly income.
    • Build Relationships With Lenders: Having good relations with the lenders can help get your loan approved, as people tend to do business with people who they like. Don’t worry this isn’t a requirement but it does help. When you’re on friendly terms with the lender, they will act as a guide and advise you.

    If you want your business to grow then invest in its expansion by securing your finances through a business loan.

    There are Few Eligibility Criteria for a Business Loan

    You should be one of the following for getting a Business Loan:

    1. Private Limited or Limited Firm
    2. Firm of Partnership or Proprietorship
    3. Professional Self-employed
    4. Manufacturer or Service Provider

    There are Some Documents that you Need to have Ready

    • Home Equity
    • Business Inventory
    • Equipment
    • Vehicles

    How Business Loans help Start-Ups/Small Businesses Etc.?

    More than anything, countries such as India are witnessing a rapid rise in the growth of start-ups etc. Both young and old professionals are increasingly venturing into a space where they want to break free from regular employment and do something of their own. This mentality is the reason why start-ups, small business ventures etc. are on the rise.

    Now, if you are a small business or even a start-up, the leverage of capital is going to be one of your main issues or shall we say, it was until some years ago. Today, with the advent of programs such as Make in India, Digital India etc., such commercial initiatives are being encouraged where they understand how young talent can make the nation grow.

    Several banks and lending institutions such as Bajaj Finserv are encouraging such business owners to establish and grow their business with business loans of upto 30 lakhs.

    As a borrower, one needs to remember that regardless of where you are borrowing from, be that a bank or a lending institution, the prime concern there will not be the amount of money which is being asked for. Instead, banks decide upon your borrowing strength by considering your reason for the loan, the effectiveness of your strategy in the long run, your ability to pay back duly etc. So, while arranging for a business loan may take different amount of time when considering a big corporation and comparing it to a small business, it is not completely difficult to actually borrow money for your venture.

    What Does Taking A Business Loan Actually Mean?

    While taking a business loan can mean many things for your business from starting it up to ensuring a new life for it by pumping cash, the actual process once your loan gets approved is going to be majorly about money management. Ensure that the business plan you drew up in order to avail the loan is adhered to after the approval.

    This will enable you not only to sustain the cash flow but also empower you to repay the amount as fast as possible.

    Please make the sure you have the right documents required for the loan and that your business plan accounts for some form of contingency.

    Business loans will allow you to run your business as efficiently as you desire.

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