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7 Important Reasons to Be Encouraged to Use Facebook on a Personal Level

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With the previous review of the main functions of Facebook and you should be able to get a first idea of whether you’re interested in signing up or not in this social network, but still, there are many reasons to meditate in which you will not fall if you do not have some previous experience. So then I’ll leave some of the reasons that in my personal view seem the most important to encourage you to sign up on Facebook and get friends and fans (in the case of Facebook pages).

Remember also that each social network has its own personality, it is not the same what you have to do to get friends and/or fans that what you have to do to get followers on Instagram, for example.

1. Facebook is the most visited social network in the world

Today, one of three people has a Facebook account, and if we refer to the adult age group we would be talking about one in two people. This being so, imagine the door you open to meet new people if you sign up on Facebook. Think simply about the possibilities of meeting people with similar interests through Facebook groups and the possibilities that this implies not only at the leisure level but also at the professional level. Facebook is so popular that some countries block the app for several reasons, so the existence of tricks to unblock Facebook is needed.

2. It allows you to be aware of the life of your friends and in a very comfortable way

One of the greatest practical utilities that I see in Facebook is that it is a very comfortable and simple way to stay connected with your friends, especially if you are no longer a teenager and the availability of time starts to be a serious problem in your life. In two or three minutes as a quick review you can find out a bit about the life of your friends and maintain a pleasant sense of closeness, even this can help a lot so that certain friendships (those that are not from your inner circle) do not end for disappearing forever.

3. It is an ideal and very efficient way to share all kinds of things

Facebook makes it easy for you to upload photos and links to web pages to share them and is, therefore, an ideal platform for circulating interesting information, either at a wider level (viral phenomena) or in a smaller area (between the immediate network of friends).

Multiply the number of clicks on your content

Yes, as in Twitter, that the information you receive is more or less interesting depends on the friends you are connected to and the pages and lists that you follow. But with good selection criteria, Facebook becomes a place where you not only interact with your friends but also receive a lot of useful and entertaining information.

4. On Facebook, your contacts are never out of date

Facebook is a good complement to your contact list, which, as we saw in the case of LinkedIn, allows you to keep a contact route always updated and operational to contact your friends (unless they leave Facebook, of course) and everything is automatic: You do not have to worry about updating anything. In addition, you have at the disposal applications that allow you to synchronize the contacts of smartphones such as those based on Apple iOS or Android with the contacts of your Facebook account. The “but” is that, although Facebook allows maintaining sufficiently complete personal information to replace almost completely an agenda of contacts, in practice the vast majority usually complete their profile halfway.

5. Facebook allows you to recover lost contacts and contact new people

The Facebook friend search engine allows you to locate friends not only by name but also by information related to you. For example, if you indicate the Institute or University in which you have studied, Facebook will allow you to find people who may have been your old colleagues. Many people have recovered contacts that they had given up for lost.

6. Facebook allows you to authenticate yourself in other sites

Every time you see more sites that support delegate user authentication on Facebook, an example would be Instagram. This option is very convenient since you reduce the number of credentials to manage and you save the user registration processes that, depending on the case, can be very heavy.

7. Facebook is your exit door from a social environment that you do not like

This is an aspect of which, surprisingly, there is very little talk in the media when, in my opinion, it is one of the most important and most positive aspects of Facebook (and social networks in general).

Facebook is an ideal way to get out of the suffocation of a “1.0” environment in which you do not fit, especially for teenagers who do not feel comfortable with their family, school or university environment. Thanks to a tool like Facebook they can expand their friendship circles and literally build an alternative environment of friends with whom they feel much more at ease.

Likewise for an adult who is forced, for example, to a radical change of environment, as it can be a change of residence for work reasons is an ideal tool to continue feeling “connected” to their original environment as to meet people with related interests in their new destiny. Although the contact initially occurs in the world 2.0, it is most likely that a part of these contacts are people with whom you interact in the real world.

The presence of Facebook and other popular applications such as YouTube has been proven to change how people search for information. Online applications have revolutionized the dissemination of information and have completely replaced many classical mass media. But along with the rapid spread of information, some of the popular applications have to be blocked by certain authorities. Facebook and YouTube are the two most frequently blocked social media applications and the same as in the Facebook case; special tricks are needed to unblock YouTube.

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