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Are You On Facebook Audience Network Yet?

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You’ve been used to the three existing placements: desktop newsfeed,

Go log into your Facebook ad account and see if you have this new option

Choose website clicks as your option, but you could run it as a page post engagement, website conversion, or mobile app ad.

Kind of hard to show you here how the ad placement looks in a mobile app. But if you see it live, you’ll notice that the text next to the green button rotates between the headline and body copy.

This animation is killer.

Over the last couple months, the only ads you could run in the Facebook Audience Network were ads for other apps.

Now, Facebook has opened this to all types of ad content.

Screenshot 2014-09-07 17.54.36

6 months!

Every time Facebook opens up a new type of ad unit or feature, the results are usually spectacular for about 6 months, until the masses jump on it. So my advice to you is to go for it and let me know how it works for you.

Of course, a few caveats:

  • Make sure your website is responsive. Don’t blow your traffic from Facebook, which is 60% mobile.
  • Enable HTTPS site-wide, or you’ll not be able to track where your users are coming from. Read this on how to do it.
  • Make sure you have custom audiences and remarketing in place, so you don’t leak out the traffic you worked so hard to acquire.
  • And if you’re a pro, set up your Google Tag Manager to manage all these pixels.

For the non-geeks, what I just said is that you shouldn’t turn on the faucet if your plumbing is leaky.
Ask your technical friends to help you get your set-up checklist items in place so that you can measure how Facebook’s new ads perform for you.

You can absolutely expect that you’ll need to have a mobile app soon, since marketing automation is extending to social. It’s not that you’ll be in the app building business, but that you’ll need to set up sequences to nurture your customers at every point in their relationship with you.

And that means that most of your messages will be delivered not according to a seasonal or campaign schedule, but via their own triggered actions— they just became a customer, got married, checked into your store, moved, bought a new car, became a fan of your page, downloaded something on your site, or some other event.

You’ll need to pair Facebook’s new mobile ad units with these activities.  The new mobile ad units allow for you to turn message sequences on and off by what the customer has done with you.  But more on that later.

Meanwhile, jump in, play around, and break stuff.  Put in $30-40 to test and it will be far more educational than listening to someone like me talk about it.


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