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Want to Drive Your E-Commerce Sell? Look for These 3 Types of Facebook Ads

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What do you think about Facebook apart from it being a social media? A platform connecting people separated by miles or a community made for people by the people to share everything they wish to. Well, both of them are totally correct but another face of Facebook you are missing out is the “Advertising and promoting” space, one can use to boost their business. Facebook has been successful for so many years, in connecting millions of people which makes it a great place to showcase your business idea, your products, and services with just one tap.

This seems to be simple but most of the people dealing with e-commerce like business find it a lot more difficult to advertise their sale with Facebook marketing services and still find the traditional websites to keep their services simple and sorted. Though, many Facebook marketing companies in the USA have come up with a lot of options for the ads to keep up e-commerce sales. Do you know them?


If not check out these 3 types of Facebook Ads that drive e-commerce sales:

1.    Dynamic Product Ads for Automated Suggestions

Usually, to promote any product or services you need to post each and every description of it and all the details you want to let people know. Do you think it is possible to do? Probably not, though it may sound possible. One needs to put a hell lot of efforts and time to advertise a specified product to a targeted audience especially when you have a good number of things to showcase. To solve such complications, Dynamic Product Ads can be of best help in Facebook marketing services.

Dynamic Product Ads helps you to successfully create a link between your Facebook Ad account and your e-commerce website. It is able to recall each and every profile you have interacted with on Facebook and makes sure, they are aware of your latest products and services. Moreover, it also shares the products that match the search history of those user’s profile, making your job much easier. You are able to pull a good number of audiences to your website through this ad making the user’s engagement convenient and your sales rate beneficial to you.

For a Dynamic Product Ad that promotes your business, you need to build an amazing template. However, the same information is mentioned on your website is displayed on Facebook, such as product ID, Landing page URL, Product ID, name, description, image URL, its availability and many more. Being a pocket-friendly medium to advertise on Facebook Dynamic Product Ads helps you reach millions of audiences without every time posting the same thing again and again on the website and Facebook.


2. Carousel Ads for Illustrating Real Use Cases

These Ads are most commonly seen on Facebook, but barely some of you know what exactly carousel ads look like. Carousel Ads are the Ads that show up multiple products at once, more like an animated short ad. Carousel Ads allows you to add the details along with the picture of products, at most 5. Not only this, but it also allows the top mobile app development companies to link every single product with the website so that users are redirected at just one tap, which sometimes is not possible. Carousel Ads are the most commonly used these days. Cost being a major fact, it is able to reduce 30 to 50 percent of what you spend on single product ads.

Well, now that you know all what carousel ads are about, you can do a lot more thing with them such as, featuring numerous approaches to use the product, product tutorials, customers review, allowing them visit your website, stories about the products, the DIY you can do with the products and many such add on to boost your e-commerce sale. With the Carousel Ads, people are able to even interact with you effortlessly to get a clear idea about the product.  Even the top mobile app development companies are using this Carousel Ads app to feature their new launches and updates. However, what looks good is often good.

All you need to do is have good HD pictures and videos of your products to make sure they are enough to make anyone fall for. Along with the pictures, you can also add videos, graphics, animations or any abstracts to represent your sale in an eye-catchy way. So, the Carousel Ads are best to save a good sum of money which can be used later for these.


3. Page Like Campaigns for Audience Building

This is one of the easiest, simplest and oldest mode of advertising or promoting through Facebook. However, it’s now the same as it was a few years ago, people say Facebook Page likes are of no use as there is no longer organic reach available. It is now considered a waste of money if you are paying for the thumbs up because the audience disappears after a certain period leaving your page lag behind. However, it has become more crucial to reach out to the audience individually with the launch of the newsfeed algorithm.

But stating it to be a total zero would be wrong when Facebook itself is working so hard to make your sale all the more successful and beneficial. All you need to do is act smartly and work honestly. For this, you need to have a good number of people in your contact list to keep sharing your ads to get organic or referral traffic. But remember if people are coming to your post directly will not be considered unless they share and get your page more and more likes and comments from people other than the ones in your contact list.

You may spend a lot to advertise but this can be a waste if Facebook is unable to recognize whether the audience you are dealing with is engaged in your product. So, make sure you are getting the so-called “organic” traffic on your page. Wherefore, it requires good research to find out the relevant and the only interested people in your brand instead of just summing up the crowd to share your post with. The best way to cover all the above pins is a well-organized campaign, a good way that boosts your e-commerce sale at low cost.


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The Final Thoughts

Above all, you are able to pull more and more audience if you have a remarkable number of users who like your page, it helps well in engaging them with trust. Which is certainly going to help you raise your sale? Just link your e-commerce website with the page and it automatically posts the same thing as on your site and you are good to go with your e-commerce sale.

Well, that’s how Facebook ads can help to enhance and grow an e-commerce sale. No matter it’s your startup or an expired e-commerce site these facebook marketing services are surely going to get you a good number of audiences along with the referral sharing’s which also account a lot to raise any online business. Facebook marketing companies in the USA along with the top app development companies have states the above services are worth for any e-commerce sale. So, why lag behind, switch to these promoting options to drive your e-commerce business much higher.


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