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  • There are more than 60 million business pages on Facebook.
  • Do you know why it is important to pay attention to the reactions of the contents?

Although it presents a difficult scenario, Facebook remains a highly relevant space for brands that develop social media marketing, as shown, according to figures shared by Brandwatch , it is known that there are more than 60 million business pages on the platform, all belonging to companies that seek the benefits that this social network can bring and that can represent the existence of considerable competition, especially from the content section. Making the most of this space created by Mark Zuckerberg will be an increasingly important challenge if you do not know which the best route to follow is; therefore, in this post we share some keys to achieve success with the content on Facebook.

The clues of the content on Facebook that generates results

According to an analysis of 777 million 367 thousand 63 posts on Facebook, the BuzzSumo platform identified the elements that will define the success of Facebook content by 2019, according to the information, these are the keys:

  • Video has a better performance than other types of content on Facebook

According to the information highlighted by BuzzSumo, when you want to take a content strategy on Facebook to the next level, you should bet on the video materials. On average, videos on Facebook get 59 percent more engagement than other types of publications.

Regarding the above, according to the firm, when it was observed which types of content managed to be placed in the top 500 of the best Facebook publications of 2018, the majority of these (81 percent) turned out to be videos, the images represented 18 One hundred and the links contributed only 0.2 percent, that is, the links, not even accompanied by images manage to have a performance as effective as the videos.

  • It is very important to pay attention to the reactions

Why are reactions important to better define content on Facebook? The answer is simple because they allow a little more understanding of human psychology, that is, to understand why people enjoy certain types of content on the platform. This is an aspect that helps the brand to define the direction of its contents.

According to the report of BuzzSumo, of the more than 777 million publications, the reaction “I love” and “I am amused” were the most present in the post, between them they accounted for 81 percent of the total of reactions.

This implies that people interact more with the content that they find inspiration, fun or that combines both aspects. The key to note is that brands that focus on creating content on Facebook around these emotions have higher chances of achieving good results. This does not mean that a brand should focus on fun content, you can also opt for others because not everyone perceives the same feeling, for some something that can be inspiring is fun and for others, something that is fun can be sad.

Brands must identify what their particular audiences find entertaining and that is why they should know these people very well.

  • Inspirational, fun or practical contents generate more engagement.

The last of the keys to be successful with content on Facebook for this year is related to the previous point. To define correctly the type of content that brands should create, BuzzSumo categorized the different types of content in its database, taking as a reference the most common reactions and an analysis of the 500 publications with the best results. The result was that the three main themes that should be touched are the inspirations, the fun ones, and the practical ones.

Every brand has the ability to create this type of content, you only need a clear understanding of what your audience is looking for in social networks and how you can deliver this type of material on a regular basis.

What should you do now that you have this information?

As recommended by Buffer, these are the most recommendable steps to follow within your strategy:

  • Consider your own behavior and habits of publication on social networks.

To create good content on Facebook, every brand must consider how to do it in a way that reflects the stories and personalities that they themselves show in their personal profiles. It is recommended that you analyze your audience and see if there is any trend in their profiles and take note of the contents they share.

This exercise is one that requires constant experimentation to improve marketing strategies because what works one day may not do so the next. Among the best ways to analyze the audience is to use the statistics of the public on Facebook, although you can also use surveys, interviews with clients, social networking posts, emails, commercial events, and conferences.

  • Create content for Facebook that is human and focused on stories.

Currently, consumers are looking for brands with purpose, those that are oriented to fulfill missions and express their position before important things. This means that marketing campaigns that are superficial will not achieve anything in 2019.

What will make the difference are the authentic stories that allow the brand to connect with the consumer on a personal level? In this case, small brands have better opportunities to boost engagement through more personal work.

In most cases it is possible to say that the success of the content on Facebook does not depend on the quality of the production or of working by deceiving the Facebook algorithm, it depends on the content that is presented. Remember that effective storytelling involves understanding human emotions, motivations and psychology to better impact the audience.

  • Give yourself the task of building a community with engagement.

Finally, to ensure a positive impact of all your Facebook content this year, you must develop one of the most important actions for brands in social networks, build community.

This does not mean that you should set guidelines to earn “likes” on your page, it means that you must approach the brand and people to actively improve participation, remember that nobody wants to follow a brand that only deals with to sell their products.

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