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3 Ways To Achieve User Engagement For Your Website

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Digital revolution has profoundly reflected on users’ behavior and their higher expectations to participate and contribute more actively online. The new face of the internet has changed the interactive web experience of users. Nowadays, visitors expect to be impressed, involved and entertained.

This all makes it clear that interactivity is one of the vital characteristics that a website should possess. Not convinced yet? In this article I will draw your attention to three expert proven methods that will help you boost your website interaction.

#1. Deliver SEO Friendly Content

To make your website user-interactive you have to ensure it is easily found on the web. Proper Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is required if you want your website to become more visible and appear upper in the ranks of Search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. There is a lot to be said and done to improve your digital exposure in terms of SEO, but you don’t need to be an SEO expert to follow these basic rules:

  • Optimize content with keywords – Fuel your content with keywords that would be more likely searchable by your target audience. You can always try a keyword search tool to get the job done for you. Free tools such as Google’s Ad Words Keyword Tool, are useful online solutions for your SEO goals. They will assist you in picking up the most relevant keywords with lower competition and higher search frequency. Apply these keywords in the content, headings, titles and meta description to get more effective SEO results. Educate yourself on how to properly use meta tags and title tags.
  • Be unique with your content – Avoid duplicate content. Search Engines despise copy/pasted texts and will not reference your website in their results if its content can be found in another, older and more reliable source on the web. Providing unique content is therefore of a key significance when it comes to SEO. Stay aware of the latest updates in Search engines algorithms to effectively meet up the new requirements and make the most out of your content.
  • Generate fresh content – If you want to spot attention to your website, keeping it active with fresh and interesting content is a good move to get there. Up-to-date and relevant content evokes positive impression in internet users and your website is considered a more respectable online source worth visiting. The more updates shared, the more engagement and the more visible your website would become.

#2. Dip into Blogging

Your website may be extremely functional and enticing, but to keep it up and interactive, you have to also decently promote it on the web. Playing the role of a great social marketplace, the so called Blogosphere is now the impulse of the contemporary promotion. Explore some effective ways to take the most out of blogging:

  • Strike a balance between self- promotion and visitors’ added value – Spread the word about your website in different well-ranked blogs to gain online visibility and let people know about your business. Participating in featured posts and guest blogging are both powerful methods of promotion, leading to better users’ interest and engagement.  When blogging, don’t be too obvious with self-promotion. Find the right balance between the sales-oriented marketing content and the flow of business ideas that would be helpful to your target audience.
  •  Engage in discussions – Taking part in discussions provoked by your recent articles, is a great way to present your website, back linking it in return and bringing new visitors on the way. Share your insights on forums or webinars where you can stand out in your areas of expertise. Choose sources where you can meet and engage with people from your target niche to ensure they are likely to interact on your website as well.
  • Ask for feedback – Website owners are often hesitant about the merits of such endeavors since the open opinion of users can be of a valid concern. However, even a negative feedback has its constructive positive influence, letting you know what users don’t find attractive and helping you improve your website or service. On the other hand, users love to be engaged and raise their voice and leave feedbacks. This strengthens brand trustworthiness making them feel important community contributors. Be open and helpful to their questions and comments, improve their experience on your website and give them a reason to constantly keep coming back.

#3. Get Social Media Wired

Social media is a growing trend, ultimately changing the internet landscape. Considered to be a part of the modern marketing mix, Social media is amongst the most powerful tools to enhance your online presence and stay in the loop of all digital happenings. As such, managing an enhanced presence on each of the “BIG THREE” (Facebook, Twitter and Google+) will generate more visits to your webpages and bolster the effective communication with your influencers.

Welcome social media to your website to boost users’ interaction. Go social in 3 simple ways:

  • Share your business updates in social media – Let the world know about your company campaigns, upcoming events, sales and promotions. What a better way than sharing a quick update in the social media. If using a free website builder such as Puzl, you can do this pretty easy and at the speed of the light, reaching thousands of prospects in one click only. After having your updates published, don’t be ignorant to the community interactions. Return prompt answers, initiate conversations, be helpful and deliver added value to enhance brand credibility.
  • Integrate social media widgets – Embed the most popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. on your website enabling your customers and visitors to lively participate in your company life by liking, commenting, discussing your activity. Besides, you will now be able to receive and follow all users’ social media interactions, socialize better and analyze the stats.
  • Build a stable community of devoted participants – Having at your disposal a community of proactive members, spreading your posts, is a great move forward. By actively taking part in your online activities, they contribute and create a buzz around your website. Besides, user generated content is flowing daily while keeping interaction and convincing visitors to come back for more.

Making your website more user-interactive is not only about following certain rules but also about getting into your visitors shoes to better understand their needs and requirements. The ultimate key to enhance interaction is to discover what users find worthy about your website.

What keeps them returning to your webpages? How can you make their experience with the site more enjoyable? What makes your website or service stand out amongst competitors?  Answering those questions, you are now able to take the right direction forward, making your business website more interactive than ever. Way to go!

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