Great Facebook Hacks You Should Be Using

If you’re like most people, you probably use Facebook at least a little more than you should. And it’s embarrassingly true that many people spend a lot of idle time at work and at home cruising Facebook… often to the tune of hours a day. And those hours add up! We’ve found some amazing hacks […]
April 9, 2019 1,669 Reads share

An Overview on Facebook and Our Privacy With It

The present model of internet and requirement of data collection machines Recently, Facebook has been piled up with all the negative comments from normal people to noteworthy celebs. First reason being, a data breach at the Cambridge Analytica. It followed by an investigation of Mark Zuckerberg by Congress. Though, it didn’t affect badly for Facebook […]
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There are more than 60 million business pages on Facebook. Do you know why it is important to pay attention to the reactions of the contents? Although it presents a difficult scenario, Facebook remains a highly relevant space for brands that develop social media marketing, as shown, according to figures shared by Brandwatch , it is known […]
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6 Ways to Manage Your Facebook Marketing More Effectively

Facebook is so big and has been so well developed it would be foolish not to market there at least a little. At the same time, we’d rather not spend all of our marketing time there, now would we? And that is easy to do – particularly if you’re not all that sure what you’re […]
January 10, 2019 2,198 Reads share

3 Ways To Achieve User Engagement For Your Website

Digital revolution has profoundly reflected on users’ behavior and their higher expectations to participate and contribute more actively online. The new face of the internet has changed the interactive web experience of users. Nowadays, visitors expect to be impressed, involved and entertained.
December 10, 2013 2,390 Reads share

Garrendenny Lane Closing: What Lorna Did Next

Many of you will know Recently Lorna made the decision to close her Garrendenny Lane business even though it is a profitable business – not something you see these days. I’ve known Lorna through Tweak Your Biz for a few years and always enjoy reading her posts but I didn’t know much else so of […]
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