Tips for Educating Employees on HIPAA

Tips for Educating Employees on HIPAA

It was enacted in 1996 as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, or HIPAA. HIPAA is synonymous with patient privacy and security, despite its origins as a way to streamline healthcare delivery and cut costs. Clients aren’t the only ones who benefit from HIPAA compliance training. Employees are also empowered by it. Your HIPAA-compliant […]
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Navigate Your Path to Success with a Leading Business School

The region in which a person lives has a significant impact on their ability to succeed in life. Whether they are born into a higher social class with access to more resources or have the right connections from being surrounded by the right people from an early age, success is significantly easier to find for […]
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5 Jobs That Pay 6-Figure Salaries After University or Training

Everyone wants to get ahead in life. For many, that means getting into a college or training program that will enable them to pay the bills. For others, getting ahead in life means being able to earn an income that not only enables them to pay bills but gives them the opportunity to live an […]
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Why Is UX Governance Framework Essential For Educational Institutions?

With more educational institutions shifting to online operations, it has become more evident that there’s a need for a good UX governance framework. After all, when there is a lack of efficient governance, the development environment can become extremely chaotic as there are no standards enforced by any recognized authority. This article details the importance of having […]
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The Australian school guide for primary and secondary education

Parents have become increasingly disheartened by the public school system, and their distaste for public education has fuelled a shift for alternative educational methodologies. Interest in private schools, distance education, homeschooling, and Christian schools are increasing, and with global lockdowns becoming the norm, interest will not slow down anytime soon. More than ever before, education […]
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UK Student Visa New Rules 2021 – 2022

Getting the opportunity to study in the UK can bring tons of growth potential and developmental opportunities in a person’s life. However, there is one tiny little catch here, getting into a credible university and getting the paperwork ready can be agitating. One mess up in the student visa application or documentation process and you […]
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How to Find a Healthy Balance Between Job Search and Study

The closer students get to graduation, the more time and effort they start spending on a job search. The research of job descriptions, writing a resume, submitting job applications, attending interviews – all this takes lots of energy. And given that they try hard to deal with the process while studying and completing a diploma, one […]
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The Importance of Team-Building in the Workplace

Team-building is an essential step to running a well-functioning business or organization. Without team-building, employees may feel that they are doing their jobs in a vacuum and that their concerns are unheard of by management. There are many aspects of team building that can be put in place in any corporate structure which can ensure […]
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Five Tips for Hiring College Graduates in 2021

Businesses of all kinds are hiring new employees in 2021 and college graduates are trying to get hired. While there are a lot of college graduates from 2020 who still haven’t found a job, 2021 graduates are joining them. This means that if you are looking to hire entry-level workers, there are plenty of candidates. […]
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Is Tutoring Better Online or in Person?

Tutoring is really effective when you need to excel in a particular subject or even when you need to prepare for a specific test such as SAT, IELTS, or TOEFL. Getting a tutor is not really difficult if you know your preference. With the evolution of online education platforms and telecommunications, private tutoring in Sydney […]
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