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Content Marketing Tips Experts Do Not Want You To Know

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We now know that there are around 4.57 billion internet users that are active and 3.81 billion people that use social media (statistics from Statista). With this in mind, it should be no surprise to notice that so many digital marketers rely on content marketing to increase traffic, sales, and brand awareness. 

What you might not be aware of is that the experienced content marketers never tell you everything. They keep some strategies for themselves. According to Blogging Tub, here are some of those that you need to take into account because of how effective they are. 

Create Comparison Posts

There is a much higher possibility for a comparison post to have a high CPC than other post types. This is due to the fact that people that look for such information already know the basic concepts needed to compare the products presented. The only reason why the search happens is to make a final shopping decision. With this in mind, the comparison keywords are great for content creation. They do not have high competition so you can quickly get higher rankings. 

Comparison posts are really good at increasing organic website traffic so they should be considered. 

Create A Content Calendar

It is surprising to see how many marketers just publish random content. They do not have a clear direction to follow. This is why having a content calendar is very effective for any brand out there. When you do not have such a plan in place, the audience will not really want to see the content that you create as the actual creation of the content calendar is only possible when you conduct proper research. 

In the event that there is no content calendar in place that you follow, you automatically have to face scaling difficulties for the entire business. Content is not just all about blogs. Content calendars should also include videos, PDFs, case studies, whitepapers, websites, landing pages, LinkedIn posts, and social media. 

Take The Time To Make Content Visually Engaging

Visually engaging content always feels authentic and human. When the content is not visually appealing, it feels corporate, which is not something that people want to see. 

The visual identity of anything you create is related to content ideas. For instance, think about visuals for landing pages, blogs, sites, and even emails. Take the time that is needed to create a visual image that is authentic and engaging, based on what would be appealing for your current target audience

Create User-Generated Content

When you understand the persona of the target audience, you need to take into account user-generated content. Some of the larger brands actually turn to the users to get content ideas. They ask questions and always want to get feedback. 

When you get into a conversation with users, it is so much easier to figure out what they want to see from you. If you do not take into account the wishes and needs of the target audience, it is impossible to create content that is very appealing. Always engage in conversations and you will figure out some great topic ideas to consider. 

Link Social Media Profiles In Your Outreach Emails

This is actually one of the easiest things you can do if you want more results with your content marketing campaigns. If you use outreach emails for practically anything, adding links to the social profiles you have in your signature can do wonders at increasing response rates. 

As an example, a Backlinko study conducted with Pitchbox highlighted that the outreach emails that include social media profile links had a response rate that was higher by 9% than those that did not. In order to perform the study, 10 million emails were analyzed so the results can be trusted. Also, in a study conducted by SEO Company Canberra, it was shown that outreach campaigns that were focused on guest posting led to 40% more responses when the social media profiles used were appropriate. 

Out of all the links that you could add, the one to your personal Instagram profile is considered to be the most effective. However, if this is not appropriate for the business, Twitter and Facebook are still very good choices. 

Write About/Talk About Trending Topics

In every single industry, the highly valuable topics are hard to cover because they are very competitive. If you talk about the really important things in your industry, there is a huge possibility that there are thousands of posts that were already written about it. 

What you can compete with though is what is trending right now in your industry. Trending topics are practically very popular topics right now. They are not very competitive and you can use one of the countless tools that highlight trends online right now to find them. 

It is always important to be among the first that talk about something. With trending topics, this is exactly what you get to do. 

Write Longer Headlines

Longer headlines are very effective when it comes to increasing social shares. This is something even few content marketers know. Statistics show us that the longer headlines are always correlated with higher social sharing levels. In fact, a longer headline tends to be shared 76% more than the shorter headline.