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6 Ways to Integrate Video Marketing into Your Facebook Strategy

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Social media marketers are all about creating and promoting video marketing assets. According to Social Media Examiner’s 2016

What else can you do to leverage the engagement and algorithm hacking power of video to rock your Facebook marketing? Here are six ways to use Facebook’s various video functionalities in new and creative ways.

#1. Use Facebook Events to Promote Your Events

It may go without saying, but Facebook’s built-in calendar and event tool is a great way to promote events. However, many people overlook the opportunity that it creates for promoting virtual events. Creating a Facebook Event to promote a webinar allows you to leverage the engaged Facebook audience to get events on their calendars. And if you’re using a webinar platform like ClickMeeting, you can upload a video recording of the webinar to Facebook afterwards, further increasing the reach and value of your pre-existing content.

#2. Promote And Sell Your Content

So you have been creating amazing video content for years to try and get visitors to your site and to create leads. But have you ever thought of monetizing that content directly?  Use a digital products platform like Kajabi to create video content from existing assets, and ultimately lead people to purchase your content by creating and marketing online courses, ebooks and case studies. This tactic is especially effective for business owners that have been able to build a devoted social following and an “expert” status in their fields. Instead of selling banner ads and sponsored posts on your site/blog – offer your readers relevant premium content and create a new revenue stream.

#3. Leverage Your Media Library

If your brand traditionally deals in still images, you don’t have to invest heavily in creating new videos to jump on the Facebook Video bandwagon. Prezi launched a new app called Nutshell that is designed to quickly and easily turn images into videos, which is perfect for brands that have large content libraries that are lacking in video. With the audience and algorithmic fervor surrounding video content, images delivered in a video may receive much more exposure than images shared more traditionally on Facebook. Either way—you get a lot of bang for your buck by creating a video from images you already own.]

#4. Throw a Live Shindig

With Shindig, it’s possible to create live videos that feature multiple presenters located in different places. Whether you create the next viral video of street performers across the globe harmonizing in real time or host a webinar or interactive video conference uniting subject matter experts across the globe, the ability to tap into audiences’ love of Facebook Live without being limited by location is a huge asset for brands looking to make a widespread splash. It’s no secret that Live is all the rage. With tools like Shindig, brands whose core business might not fit a traditional live video format can still tap into its huge potential.

#5. Don’t Put Your Eggs in One Basket

Speaking of tools that make using live video easier than ever, Go Easy Live allows you to live stream simultaneously to many platforms, including Twitter, YouTube, DailyMotion and Twitch. For brands that enjoy existing audiences on other platforms or whose demographics seem to be spread across multiple video channels, tools like Go Easy allow you to reach valuable eyeballs wherever they are. If Facebook Video is a new foray for you, add it to your repertoire by using a simulcast program to stream your live video as many places as possible. It doesn’t hurt to cast a wide net, and you definitely miss all the eyeballs you don’t give a chance to see your stream.

#6. Create A Motion Graphics Explainer Video

Explainer videos are easy to produce and a great way to show people exactly who you are and what you do. Are you short on budget but still want to create a high-quality intro video to tell potential customer who you are and what’s your story? Use a “plug and play” motion graphics creator like RenderFX to create your own branded shareable explainer video. RendrFX provides customized automated video templates that let content creators produce video content for a fraction of the price and time it takes to hire an external production company.

You Can’t Afford Not To

Between the stats, hysteria, and tools available to you today, there’s no excuse to not begin sharing content via Facebook Video. The cost is low and the upside is high—as Facebook continues to tweak its algorithms and video continues to enjoy increased popularity, your brand should learn and love Facebook Video and all of its options for publishing content. Whether you’ve got a buzzy live event to stream, an upcoming webinar, premium video content, or even a stellar photo library, there’s a way to leverage the platform and its performance potential to fit your brand’s social media strategy.

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