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5 Content Strategies That Will Boost Your Domain Rating

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Content is a rapidly growing field. It’s growing so fast there are over 4,000+ articles written about it. So what separates good content from great? The most significant difference is the domain rating. Domain rating is a combination of how many times an article is read, shared, as well as the number of backlinks your article has. If you want great content, you need to scale, and scaling starts with a solid content strategy.

When you have a high domain rating, you gain power over the search engine. Your content becomes ranked higher, your site becomes more trustworthy, and you have a better chance at encouraging social shares. These five content strategies will help every website to skyrocket its domain authority. 

1. Infographics

Infographics are the most powerful and efficient link-building strategy used by top content marketers. An infographic is a graphic visual representation of information or data designed to make the data easily understandable, clearly, and quickly at a glance. You can embed infographics quickly in your blog posts and share them with your audience. It helps make complex topics enjoyable and easy to understand. 

The well-designed infographics are potent tools that attract links to the website and build your website authority. The higher the number of backlinks to your website, your Domain Rating will also be higher. A study by Backlinko revealed that infographics are ideal formats for acquiring backlinks through referring domains and social shares. 


Infographics represent your information in an effective and visually pleasing manner that helps sustain your readers’ attention. Therefore, they are perfect tools to boost your website ranking in search engines. 

2. Definite Guides

Ultimate guides are all over the internet. But did you ever know that definitive guides will help drive traffic to your website? Well, you should now know. 

An Ultimate Guide is a blog that covers everything about a topic. They can be a fantastic way to get traffic, build links, and increase your domain authority, but they are not so easy to create. 

These are typically length blog posts, but what turns a definitive guide into content that ranks? And, these are the few things that make your ultimate guide different from your short content,

  • A pretty broad topic that goes deep into the subject
  • It includes several chapters that direct the topic in various aspects.
  • The length, depth, and authority will help boost SEO
  • It ranks for many keywords as it contains a vast number of keywords within the detailed blog.
  • When you provide internal links to other blogs posts, it will boost their rankings as well.

Example – A definite guide on cold email outreach.

3. Original Research using customer data and trends

When you walk your readers through a customer’s journey on a product with real customer data and reviews, it will help rank your blogs on top of search results. Why? Because case studies or research blogs will involve highly relevant content with various customer stories and experiences with a specific product that helps build trust and authority. 

Businesses may include case studies on their websites to get backlinks and improve rankings in the SERPs. In addition, creating case studies will help companies demonstrate that they can solve customers’ pain points and stand out as an authority.

 Marketers can use case studies as a link to connect with their clients and show them how their products or services have profited customers with similar problems. It further explains the challenges faced by their clients and the business’s approach towards solving them.

 Case studies can help prospective clients choose the right products or services based on their business needs. In addition, customer stories can provide evidence of how a product resolves its customers’ challenges.

Tip – Case studies should include testimonials from the top-level executives of the business to enhance credibility.

4. Skyscraper technique

The Skyscraper Technique created by Backlinko’s Brian Dean is the powerful SEO research and content creation framework that intends to make your website the tallest skyscraper on the internet. In order to get high-quality backlinks, you need to have a very systematic way to create and promote your content. And, one such effective system is the Skyscraper Technique.

The skyscraper technique is about finding out the popular content, creating an even better copy, and acquiring backlinks both naturally and after reaching out to the right folks. The higher backlinks your website has, the higher authority it gets, which means greater chances for the page to be visible in SERPs.

SEO skyscraper building is about being bigger, better, newer, engaging, and more relevant than the other websites out there on your topic.

You can deploy this technique in a few steps that involve content planning and creation,

  • Find relevant content with lots of backlinks
  • Create much better content that includes the latest statistics and links
  • Ask those linking to the original content to link to your superior content instead.

5. Engineering as marketing

It is a known fact that people are attracted to digital tools and products that provide value. Most internet users are looking for solutions to their problems. If your company has already found a way to provide value to your customers, then you are on the right path. 

Do you know what people enjoy the most than a quality product? A free, quality product that provides value. That doesn’t mean you have to provide your products and services for free. Instead, it is about creating powerful personalization software that will help your company gain a marketing advantage over your competitors.

Simply, engineering as marketing is the idea of building and sharing tools with your users that are useful to them. It is designed to provide value at no cost to your customers that promote your main product or service. Also, it offers an opportunity to gather the email addresses of potential customers and encourage people to sign up for a free trial. 

For a business to drive growth, Engineering as marketing is the best way to take on that challenge. But, Engineering as marketing is complex and very challenging. Many free tools provide value to their customers, such as Hubspot’s Website Grader, the most prominent tool on the internet.


Content marketing is currently the best way to build your brand, differentiate yourself from competitors, and attract potential customers. The most vital component of content marketing is high-quality content. 

If you’re struggling with creating valuable content for your business, I highly recommend using the strategies outlined above. You can use AI Backlink Personalization tools to automate your content strategy. Not only will they increase your organic traffic, but they’ll help with your domain rating as well.

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