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How to Increase Instagram Sales Using a Lead Magnet?

Although Instagram provides a huge number of tools for organizing business processes, today people’s attention is overloaded by advertising and the direct approach to sales rapidly loses its effectiveness. That’s why entrepreneurs focus on the generation of maximum benefit and building long-lasting relationships with potential clients. To increase conversions, sales funnels are used, where the […]
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5 Content Strategies That Will Boost Your Domain Rating

Content is a rapidly growing field. It’s growing so fast there are over 4,000+ articles written about it. So what separates good content from great? The most significant difference is the domain rating. Domain rating is a combination of how many times an article is read, shared, as well as the number of backlinks your […]
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Content Marketing Tips Experts Do Not Want You To Know

We now know that there are around 4.57 billion internet users that are active and 3.81 billion people that use social media (statistics from Statista). With this in mind, it should be no surprise to notice that so many digital marketers rely on content marketing to increase traffic, sales, and brand awareness.  What you might […]
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How to Learn Digital Marketing? The First Steps

It is hard to find a lucrative business without an effective digital marketing strategy. Therefore, qualified marketers are in high demand in the job market today. Every business, no matter its size, strives to hire an experienced marketer, who will build an effective digital campaign to attract as many clients as possible. Whether you run […]
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Public Relations and Content: The Yin and Yang of Marketing

  If you haven’t noticed already, content marketing has seen a steady increase in popularity in recent years. And, there is a good reason for that. Conventional forms of marketing, the ones you might call “in your face” tactics, can’t cut it anymore. Therefore, content marketing is skyrocketing like never before! More people are investing […]
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How Content Marketing Could Benefit You and When

Technology has played an important role in revolutionizing the world of marketing. It has opened up many doors to achieve success in different zones of business. Small businesses have established by using the latest modes of marketing. Marketing serves as oxygen to all kinds of business. Content marketing is a comparatively new mode of marketing. […]
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5 Lesser-Known and Effective Hacks to Optimize Content Engagement

  Content Engagement is the action a user or viewer takes on the page or content on the website. This action depicts whether the content was relevant to the audience or not. Making use of hashtags on Instagram, creating stories on Snapchat or posting material on Facebook are few ways to engage the audience with […]
December 13, 2018 1,584 Reads share
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5 Design Mistakes That Ruin Your Content

We’ve seen design emerging as an essential element of our culture in the recent years. Visual storytelling has become a must for many online marketers because of the massive impact of social media and ever-changing web design. It also forces online businesses to take their content quality to the next level, which, of course, involves […]
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