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What’s Trending in Incident Management Software Industry?

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Incident Management Software Solutions help organizations in handling incidents and accidents and preventing their reoccurrence. The software is designed not to just log the recent incidents; there are a lot more things done with the system’s assistance.

IMS systems initially log all incidents and accidents that have happened at the premises of the company. Some systems support mobility that allows logging events through mobile. Incidents and accidents are two different things. The incident is an event that occurred and resulted in a fatality, injury, damage to humans or assets. An accident is an incident that happened without producing any negative results.

The true value of the software is noticed once the incidents are logged. The details of the incident are accessed and used by the incident management software to know more about the incident, such as possible sources, a physical location where incidents are prone to happen, and the time of year and day when the maximum incidents happen. Dashboards are created to detect the trends and patterns and to know if there is any future risk.

The most popular incident management software:


Resolver is an integrated solution designed exclusively for the entire organization. It’s integrated cloud platform supports incident management.

The app has basic features like:

  • Find new trends
  • Dynamically evaluate incidents
  • Implementation
  • Standardized incident capture
  • 24/7 support


SYSAID is similar to other IT service management solutions providing all the ITIL essentials. The software has everything that an organization needs for easy and efficient ITSM.

What SysAid does:

  • Maintains end-user and customer satisfaction by handling all service requests professionally and efficiently.
  • Offers channel(s) to the users through which they can request and receive standard mobile apps development services.
  • Offers information to customers and end-users related to available services and ways to get them.
  • Assists with complaints, general information, or feedback
  • Sources and delivers the needed standard services


Enablon software solutions assist companies in handling social and environmental performance. Enablon solutions also ensure compliance, enhance profitability with the help of most advanced technologies. Significant features of Enablon-

  • Streamlines incident data capture
  • Analyzes data
  • Mitigates risks
  • Ensures regulatory compliance
  • Fosters safety culture


SoftExpert is a leading software and services provider offering the most comprehensive app suite to empower companies to enhance their in-house-performance and to maximize corporate governance programs and industry-mandated compliance.

SoftExpert offers many things like:

  • Centralized incident recording and documentation
  • Automated investigation processes, reminders, task assignments with workflow capabilities
  • Monitoring of incidents using several configurable reports and online portals
  • Rate of repeat incidents decreased by defining closure
  • Automated alerts and notifications sent to the right personnel


Intelex cloud-based software is used to manage health & safety, environment, quality and suppliers for regulatory compliance. The software also streamlines ISO initiatives.

Major features offered by Intelex:

  • Reports accidents, incidents, injuries
  • Develops custom reporting forms
  • Enables a view of incident data in real-time

Cura Software

Cura software solutions offer robust GRC solutions supported by a worldwide team of experts.

Major highlights of the Cura Software:

  • Offers interactive dashboards
  • Provided reports offer real-time visibility to incident management activities
  • Flexible deployment options enable companies to host compliance data on-premise or make it to the cloud as a hosted solution.
  • Alerts for users and managers about task performance and incidents as happening


Cority is an EHS safety incident management software module that is developed and enhanced by skilled professionals. Cority is a robust software that allows organizations to gather incident data, develop a precise image of the event, detect the source of the event, and implement the right actions. It offers EHS professionals comprehensive incident management software.

Major offerings of Cority:

  • Streamlines safety incident reporting and workflow of investigation
  • Enhances and accelerates data sharing between case managers, supervisors, medical staff, safety professionals, and managers.
  • Streamlines claim management
  • Used to track safety performance and detect root causes, hazards, risks, and trends


Quentic is designed for health and safety, sustainability and the environment.

Major features offered by Quentic are:

  • Detects risks
  • Shares documents
  • Takes protective measures
  • Keeps the regulations updated


EHS software solution offered by Enviance keeps workers safe while assisting companies in exploring data to enhance goals related to the environment, health, safety, and sustainability.

Major highlights of Enviance:

  • Builds flexible forms
  • Configures the company reports
  • Allows employees to log an issue as they encounter with ease using dynamic forms

Best Practices for Implementing Incident Management

Combining ITIL framework with a business is a complex task to perform. To help with it, IT service management tool supports present and future state processes. Here are some best practices for implementing incident management software

  • Grasp the present incident management process
  • Detect long-term process vision
  • Perform a gap analysis
  • Develop an implementation road map
  • Project implementation

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