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5 Ways to Take Advantage of Twitter Trends for Business

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As a business brand, what are your goals? How will you make it stand out? Get it right towards your target audience? Increase the traffic and clicks on your website?

Whatever you’re aiming for as a brand, social media is the ultimate portal where you can establish your brand’s online presence. Twitter is on a roll these days with a drastic increase in the time users spend on the portal and active users.

Twitter has been through a lot in terms of growth and competition. While it isn’t comparable to other notable platforms when it comes to daily traffic and popularity, it’s still a reliable, public network that can help you reach the masses.

Here are five ways you can take advantage of Twitter trends for your business.

Keep Up With the Trends on Twitter

The only way you’ll be able to use Twitter trends to your advantage is when you know them. Keeping up with trends is not a new thing at all. Even journals and newspapers use to search for what’s trending, to catch their prospects’ attention.

You can search on Google trends if you’re managing all your social media accounts at once. But it’s not that easy.

You see, each social media platform has its own unique following. This means what’s trending on Facebook won’t necessarily work for Twitter. Be specific about your research and look for trends that are currently popular with the Twitter crowd.

Finding out what’s trending on Twitter is easy. You can find the trends list on the right side of the page when you log in. Furthermore, tools like Trendsmap can help you find out what’s trending in your region. That’s beneficial if you’re a small business start-up currently operating in your area.

Besides that, if you want to diversify your reach, you can use tools such as Hootsuite. They help you find out what’s trending in your country and around the world.

Make Timing Your Priority

Attributing to the current outpour of information on the internet, it doesn’t take long for the masses to shift their attention from one topic to another. That’s why, while using Twitter trends, timing is crucial. If you send your well-written, hashtag-integrated post out as the trend is dying out, it will have next to no effect on your brand recognition.

The trick is to stick with one topic only for a day or two. No matter how great it works at engaging your audience. After that, search (and keep searching) for more trending topics. Don’t keep your content flow lingering on one spot as it might make your approach look outdated and one-directional.

Filter Out the Trends That Won’t Work for You

As you browse through twitter trending topics, you’ll see a lot of options.  Remember, it’s not necessary that the number one trending topic fits your brand image and can be used for marketing purposes.

For example, Australian bush fires were trending for long on the Twitter list. But if you’re a live-it-up brand, using such topics with a light tone might end up outraging your prospects rather than engaging them.

However, if your brand identity fits the cause, you can use your platform to generate charitable initiatives or welfare slogans as a part of your marketing campaign. In most cases, it’s a better option to leave out sensitive trends from your marketing campaign, to avoid offending users in any way.

Design Your Content and Multimedia Accordingly

Even if you’re on terms with the latest trends and have selected them based on your brand identity, it’s no use if your post doesn’t attract people.

With Twitter, you have 280 characters to worry about while constructing an engaging post. Try to keep it short. This way, users are more likely to read through it. Also, keep your content useful.

Whatever you advertise should aim to help your audience, or guide them towards your brand. Providing a motive or a simple call to action on your post might help in the further engagement of your uses.

Besides that, using proper hashtags is also integral to help interested users reach your post. Hashtags work to link your content to a particular topic. Thus, if you use them effectively, your post will pop up whenever users search for related topics, products, or services.

Furthermore, using multimedia can help make your content eye-catching. By attaching images, you can tag people who might be interested in your brand. Moreover, sharing real-time videos about your brand will convince consumers to make the purchase faster. While reading wordy advertisements can be exhausting.

Track Your Results

After you’ve put Twitter trends to the optimum use for your business, it’s a great idea to check where you stand. Monitoring the results of your Twitter marketing strategies will help you maintain your success rate. Also, it’ll allow you to make amendments and improvements as well.

You can see how well your Tweets performed on Twitter Analytics. It’ll also give you all the details about the users you managed to engage in and when. Besides that, it will show your followers and their activities so you can target them effectively in your upcoming posts.

Final Words

Wrapping it all up, taking advantage of Twitter trends for your business is a smart move. But it can go wrong if used unwisely. Nevertheless, if you believe in your brand and know what fits your identity, you can generate a regular fan base easily.

In a nutshell, these trends are a smart and powerful way to make your brand go viral online. Just stay aligned with the niche of your market. Devise your strategy according to what your users want and love, and the trends will work wonders for you!

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