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Everything About Instagram Story for Business – Do It in a Pro Way!

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‘Instagram Story for Business is artistry, and not everyone is an artist’ falls true, and you’ll get this as you finish this read. Not utilizing the brilliant features of this increasingly popular social media app is like not giving wings to your business & potentials.

Let’s see what Instagram itself has to say on this…

Instagram Stories is another way for you to tap into people’s passions and inspire them to take action.

Instagram stories can be used for online stores as a magic wand to attract the users and make them do what you want them to. Instagram itself releases these stats, so you can’t deny the fact that how businesses are growing using this feature, which tops the UI of the mobile app or Instagram website and is the first thing that captures user’s attention whenever the app is opened.

3 Instagram Story Features that Turns Days Brighter for your Businesses

1. Stories Ads

You are empowered with the ability to reach your target audience as far as your ads reach. Like Facebook, you can deliver your ads to the audience you want to share straightforward and creative videos that don’t bore users and get traffic, conversions, app installs, brand awareness, and what not! All this can happen if you’re successful in making the user fall in love at first sight with what you show them.

2. Breaking Through Insights

View your story insights and see how successful you have been with user engagement. You may use a poll, emoji scroll, ask questions, and more from the Power Editor on the top when you create a story. A detailed analysis of the user’s response will reveal whether you made it or not. You can find the number of story views vs. the number of responses received, the inquires arrived, and the conversions made from a particular story. Needless to say, it will become a base for your next story.

3. Serve What Your Audience Wants

Sound plus visuals are the deadliest combinations ever. You get a vertical resolution to play with; It takes 7 seconds for Instagram Stories Templates to prove themselves when in image format while 15 seconds show is for videos. You better know how you will win the game in accordance with your product or service.

Instagram Stories Ideas to Make it a Success for your Business

Hold tight as these Instagram Stories Ideas are the creative hacks that you have been looking around. These are for any business owner who wants to polish their Instagram skills and make money by accessing the ‘free’ features.

3D Text

Throwing a bunch of text all-around a single Instagram story will make the user feel exhausted. The key is to utilize simple text with unusual fonts that catch the user’s attention at a glance. Using 3D Text is the first take you should make for creating a unique story. Make your core text enlarged and style it 3D and keep the rest of the content (if any) near to it for better readability.

Alternatively, this can be tried with manual text feature on Instagram. You need to overlap the text by utilizing color schemes and place it such that it seems like a 3D text. Finding it head-scratching, eh? That’s why we suggested using the tool for a hassle-free 3D text effect.

Use Borders

Borders and outlines are always for a neat, tidy, and professional look and feel. Don’t let your Instagram stories templates unfollow this universal rule. Use a sleek and stylish border from several options available with PhotoADKing instead of bothering yourself with the “Tap-Enlarge-Set” kind of GIFs by Instagram.

Keep the color contrast and template theme in mind while setting the borders; it should add to the image and not take away its charm.

Eliminate Unnecessary Details

Let’s say, for example, you’ve just got a wonderful testimonial from your client, and you can’t wait to show it to the world by taking a screenshot and post it in your Instagram story with #happycustomer. Haste is waste, you know!

All you have to do is select the screenshot that you want to share, zoom it for the review to be read clearly and use a brush to wipe the reply that you’ve sent them or your previous conversation with the client. This will make it a professional approach by drawing focus on the things that matter.

All this can be done within your Instagram story UI with the help of a big-pointer brush. Just rub everything else and show your audience the love you’re receiving in DM. It can be made creative with a “Thank You” GIF.

Don’t create a Mess

You know what you’ve got to flaunt with many IG story inspirations from other’s Instagram Story for Business, but don’t make it a crap! One creative dose at a time will make it for a long mile. In a nutshell, don’t use all of the elements that you know in one IG Story.

Be careful enough to use relevant features only. You also need to decide where do you want the user’s attention to be focused on – text or image. This will help you plan better IG stories then.

You have a lot may things to try: Questions, Quiz, Countdown, story chat, GIFs, Poll, and what not! But it is better not to get overwhelmed.

The Bottom Line

There are tons of Instagram Stories Ideas to use now, and then as the App makes you feel creative, but what you’re sharing matters a lot. Make sure that the image you’re sharing is professional, and the product you’re advertising is displayed in a template specifically designed for the same. It should give positive signals to the users to take desired actions from your Instagram Story, and don’t let your efforts in vain.

That’s all to share at the moment.

Feel free to share your views or ask questions in the comments below.

Until next time, keep publishing beautiful Instagram Stories Templates with PhotoADKing.



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