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5 Creative Ways to Save Money on Catalog Printing

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How can you save money on catalog printing? Every business wants to cut costs in its undertakings and save more money to increase profits. Many companies would try to cut costs to improve productivity by outsourcing work at a minimum price.

Others would hire the minimum and delegate tasks to team members, to mention a few. These activities are different ways to save money and increase revenue. However, there are several ways to create compelling print catalogs. But how can you save money when printing your catalog?

Before we answer that question, let us see why catalog printing is essential in growing your business.

Why Is Catalog Printing Important?

Catalogs printing is vital to your business because it helps in showcasing your brand and offerings to your target. These content materials offer useful information about your business — introducing your company to people who may not have found it otherwise.

Interestingly, you can distribute catalogs both online and offline, in digital and printed formats. When distributed correctly, they serve as a remarkable marketing tool that can help to increase your brand visibility to a broader audience.

Some benefits you may consider are:

  • They are cost-effective
  • Easy to distribute
  • Retains helpful company information
  • It helps build brand trust by making you consumers fall in love with your business
  • Establish business authority in your industry

Therefore, it makes sense to create a product catalog for your business that’ll help you sell your merchandise.

Now that we know why catalog printing is essential let us answer the question that we asked in the introduction. That is, “how can your business save money on catalogs printing?”

In this article, you will discover five hacks you can start using today to save money when printing catalogs.

5 Effective Ways to Save Money on Catalog Printing

1. Use Online Websites for Catalog Printing

One of the best ways to cut costs is to avoid big box printing stores because they cost a ton. So instead of paying a ton of money for printing, use online printing sites to cut your costs dramatically.

For example, James Robert Webb hinted that he printed his first batch of business cards at a large chain office supply store, and it cost him $300. However, these days, he uses alternative online sites for printing his business cards at a fraction of $300.

Do the maths. There are several websites you can use for catalogs printing. Find the one that fits your needs and use it to cut costs and save more money.

2. Validate Your Work Before Printing Catalogs (Proofread for Spelling and Grammar Error)

How to save money on catalog printing

It is vital to verify your work before printing to avoid the extra cost. So check for spelling and grammatical errors, as well as sentence structure, and fix them accordingly. For instance, if your sentence reads like the one on the image above, you’ll need to correct the error.

And if there are more grammar or spelling mistakes on each page of your catalog, it will make you lose brand trust and credibility. Such errors can only occur when you fail to confirm the work you’ve put together.

In most cases, the enthusiasm of successfully creating your first business catalog can overwhelm you so much that you ignore the critical step to double-check your work before printing. As a result, you will have to rework it, which will cost you more money.

We all get too excited when we complete an adventure, which is a good thing. But without care, there might be consequences. Let me give you a personal example.

When I started blogging, I was so excited after completing my first blog post that, even though I was nervous, I went ahead and hit the publish button. Why? Because I believed everything was okay, that I wrote an epic blog post. Then a few days later, on Twitter, I found an error on the blog post.

Then I went back to my WordPress CMS to correct the problem. There, I got the shock of my life; there were spelling and grammar mistakes all over the article. It took me about four hours editing the post.

Why were errors all of a sudden? Because I did NOT validate my work before publishing. Don’t let that happen to you!

3. Use Eco-friendly Ink Saving Fonts for Printing Catalog

If you’re using manual printing, it is advisable to use eco-friendly fonts on your business catalog. Eco fonts are fantastic on print pages and help you cut costs on ink usage. These types of fonts come out with empty lines across the entire text, which results in threadbare-looking printing.

As a result, you end up saving more money on ink. Unlike eco fonts, non-eco fonts also appear incredibly well on prints. But the downside is that they consume more ink than you can image. Therefore, to help save you money on prints, search the web for eco-friendly fonts to use.

4. Order Your Catalog Prints In Bulk

In all businesses, the more orders you make, the lower the cost would be. Who doesn’t like that? Take web hosting, for instance. If you buy hosting service for 12 months, you can get it at the rate of $2.95 per month, depending on the web hosting provider.

However, renewing your 12 months plan after expiration will cost you more money, somewhere around $11.95 monthly. But if you choose to buy their services for 36 months, in the beginning, you will have saved a lot of money because you paid for three years upfront at $2.95.

Similarly, when you put in a bulk order for your prints, you will get substantial discounts per unit ordered. For example, a $100 order of 1000 catalog copies may come at the rate of $0.025 for each print copy. On the other hand, an order of $500 for 5000 copies can cost about $0.05 per copy. Consequently, order your prints in bulk to save costs.

5. Print Your Catalogs At The Right Time

In everything you do, timing is a useful asset. By way of illustration, you share content pieces across social media sites, send out emails to your list, and publish posts on your blog at the right times of the day. Why is that so? Because you want your target audience to see and engage with your content.

If you were to carry out these activities at fewer peak times of the day, no one would see your materials, and nobody will interact with your content. All your efforts will be a waste of time.

Likewise, printing your catalog at the right time will help you cut costs. How? It’s all about supply and demand.

Here is how it works:

When there is a high demand for print orders, the price per unit will go up since printers are busy with more work. However, at times, when demand is low, the pricing comes down dramatically because customers are not placing orders.

I believe you may like to read “how to work a pricing strategy for your business.” So be alert to time variations to determine the best time to order your prints.

Wrapping Up How to Save Mone On Catalogs Printing

Whether you’re in the online or offline business, the primary objective of a print catalog is to increase sales. So with all the vital details of your business in a directory, It makes it easier for consumers to reach you or put in their orders.

Even with the advancement of technology, catalog printing is still a credible investment since it can carry your brand message far and wide to reach a broader target market. When used the right way, catalogs can generate significant returns on your investments (ROIs).

These marketing tools are incredible marketing assets that add up in strengthening your marketing techniques. Therefore, use the tips in this article to save money on catalog printing. Did we miss something? We’re waiting to hear from you!


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