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Incentive Gifts via Tremendous

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Various loyalty programs, remuneration, and incentive gifts are long-term, customizable “shares,” which are launched by companies and business owners to stimulate the return of their customers to increase the number of purchases as well as strengthen partnerships and increase brand recognition.

They are not associated with daily discounts, since loyalty programs and incentive gifts are individual and provided to each client individually. Thanks to Tremendous services, participants in such shares use bonuses and gift cards designed specifically for them. All you need is to connect with the Tremendous API, which will help you to automate the delivery of incentive gifts and other rewards within your application.

Incentive Gifts that Will Boost Your Business

Tremendous.com, the loyalty rewards platform, was created for easy buying, tracking, and managing incentives in a large-scale approach. You can reward your recipients with different gift cards, prepaid Visa cards, cash transfers, and many other options.

The platform has a lot of useful functions, including mass order of incentive gifts, search for previously issued rewards and the possibility of their control, tracking costs for accounting and compliance with tax requirements, and exporting detailed CSV reports on request using the Tremendous toolbar.

Tremendous provides:

  • rewards for employees
  • surveys
  • referrals (partners)
  • promotions
  • rebates

List of industries and business spheres in which loyalty programs and incentive gifts by Tremendous are used includes:

  • Retail
  • Online shopping
  • Health care
  • Fitness and sport
  • Transport (airlines, trains or ships)
  • Financial institutions, online payments platforms
  • The beauty industry
  • Other

The way the company uses its rewards and incentive gifts depends on its own imagination. Remuneration and gifts provided for customers and partners via Tremendous serve one goal – to motivate them to be loyal, strengthen their business relationships, push customers to buy more. Incentive gifts do not bear much cost for companies, which allows them to effectively redirect funds. The best loyalty programs are designed to benefit both enterprises and customers, creating long-term and advantageous relations between them.

Positive Impact on the Business Process

Applying small gifts as gratitude and incentive gifts via Tremendous, business owners not only reward people but also can allocate their company from the mass of similar.

Choosing the necessary product or service, people often get acquainted with the range of many analogs. For this reason, it is important to stand out and remember a general background. Nevertheless, it can be your company that will be the only one giving useful gifts.

  • Make a positive impression

As a rule, gifts and presents cause thoughts about something good and light. In this situation, positive associations will be related to your company, business, or service. Even having a minor financial value, a gift can make a person feel special, acquiring more than expected.

  • Promote sales growth

If your employee, consumer, customer, or potential partner will receive a useful free present, the desire to cooperate with you or buy exactly your product will only increase.

  • Personalization of business relationships

Attracting regular customers is the best way to reduce advertising costs. Thanks to the Tremendous platform, companies launching rewards or incentive gifts can spend less on advertising and concentrate their efforts on improving other areas of their activities. Investments in encouraging gifts for partners and regular customers increase sales and contribute to the raising of your business in the long run. And the tools offered by Tremendous will help to organize the process comfortably, quickly, and reliably. Presented useful remuneration is very beneficial in terms of winning loyalty and increasing brand awareness.

From the point of view of recipients, incentive gifts and loyalty programs show that the company is aware of their needs, and it appreciates everyone. This feature helps to increase reliability and trust, which allows employees, customers, or partners to feel significant for a particular organization.

Incentive Gifts: Hold the Focus on Your Company

Rising competition in the consumer and services markets forces companies to actively apply a wide variety of ways to attract and hold regular customers and grab the attention of new ones. In addition, incentive gifts can be positively reflected in your employees and partners.

From the variety of schemes used by various business owners, when developing and implementing loyalty programs, thanks to the Tremendous.com platform, a significant place is occupied by promotion programs that are based on gift cards, prepaid Visa Cards with the ability to create a custom design, PayPal translations, etc.

Representatives of various business areas use incentive gifts via Tremendous for:

  1. Market research

One of the important problems that you may encounter is a low percentage of answering your survey. For passing a survey, respondents receive rewards — cash gift cards, etc. Promotions may have different forms. They help to not only increase the percentage of responding but also thank the respondents for their time and help.

For example: Answer a few questions of our research and get a $5 gift card.

  1. Sales incentive management

Distinctive promotion programs help businesses to increase consumer return rates and sales.

For example: Buy goods for $150 or order a service and get a bonus – a $15 gift card in Starbucks.

  1. Loyalty management

An employee can and should be “delighted” in two ways: a salary and incentive gifts. Tremendous helps companies reward their hardworking and responsible employees for good work, high sales performance, and holidays.

Remember, the loyalty program should make a profit, not damages. Do not forget about your own gain. Each encouragement should work for you. Therefore, always calculate the intended results of each remuneration.

Tremendous concentrates its efforts on creating and supporting the best platform to manage rewards for enterprises of any scale. The scope of its competence includes the development of custom solutions, integrating them into a business environment, and providing long-term support after launch.

The functionality of the Tremendous.com system provides the ability to create loyalty programs with any type of customer promotion. Promotions are available for any activity: in retail outlets, on social networks, on the site, etc. For each type of encouragement, various mechanics of implementation are provided.


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