5 Hints in Case Your Website Has Stopped Rising Positions in Google

You made your website, filled it with content and when reviewing its performance. The website is gaining the ranks in Google results, and everything might be great. But recently your website experienced a sudden drop in its ranking. Having checked your main website pages and found nothing special, you still want to figure out what […]
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Top 5 Ecommerce Platforms of 2019

The online retail industry is growing at an unprecedented rate of 8.8% worldwide. In the USA, the online retail e-commerce sales are expected to reach 700 US dollars in 2022. Not only the B2C companies but B2B e-commerce industry is growing equally well. According to figures shared on Forrester research website, B2B e-commerce transaction would […]
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7 Superb Website Trends to Implement on Your E-Commerce Business

The arrival of e-commerce has taken the world by storm. But, not all of them are successful enough. Ever wondered why? One of the most basic reasons behind the success of an e-commerce site lies in the structure and design of the website. Since we all know that online store has transformed the way people […]
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Benefits of Social Media Marketing for Your Business

Considering the fact, that there are almost 3 billion social media users around the globe, how can it be not beneficial for propagating one’s business? Studies have found that people follow brands on social media as much as they would do for any celebrity. If you own a business, I presume you must have already […]
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How SEO Revolutionized PR for Small Businesses

Once upon a time, small businesses wanted their names in magazines and newspapers for press for their companies. They wanted their brands and products being talked about in a positive light, rightfully thinking that if their brands and products were associated with a positive narrative in the press, people would be more interested in solidifying […]
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How to Increase Recognizability Through Content Visualization

There is a saying that “a picture is worth 1000 words, a data point can be worth a million”. People perceive a lot of information visually which makes data visualization a great way for content marketing. If you deliver your message in a visually attractive way, people will truly support your cause, share your message, […]
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Android or iOS: Which Is the Best for Mobile Phone OS?

We all love using mobile phones, they are convenient and fun. They are our savior when it comes to awkward meet-ups. Our beloved mobile device runs on many Operating System. But Android and IOS owned by Google and Apple respectively, are the most famous. A survey done by IDC in 2017 showed that 99.7% of […]
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9 Tips to Improve Your Employee Evaluations

Managers and employees alike are calling for an end to the traditional performance review. And who can blame them? Reviews eat a boatload of time. They’re uncomfortable. And worst of all, they’re not always effective. But that doesn’t mean we’ll see an end to them anytime soon. Evaluations are still an important part of determining […]
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