5 Reasons Why Your Business Cannot Ignore Recording Customer Calls

Call recording is no more a siloed application. With cloud-hosted telephony services, call recording has become an important feature offered by every service provider in their call management suite. However, only a few of the organizations using this feature understand the significance and importance of call recording for their business. In this blog, you’ll understand […]
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4 Compelling and High-Converting Ways to End a Sales Presentation or Pitch

The first few seconds of a sales presentation or pitch are powerful. They’re what help you create the first impression and seize the attention of your audience. However, it’s ultimately the ending that people will remember the most. The Power of a Good Close Sales presentations are almost always entirely too long. They carefully walk […]
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Wireless Wi-Fi Problems: Treat Them With Simple Steps!

Wireless Wi-Fi is a basic tool for easy Internet access, media streaming, online gaming, and all kinds of networking. That is why it is necessary to operate 24 hours a day. However, there are not only a few cases where your devices “stick” or are slow to respond, giving the impression that there is a […]
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The Top 5 Ways to Get Payments Faster from Your Vendors

Let’s face it – you opened your own business to make money. Sure, working for yourself offers more flexibility, and yes, you do get to call all the shots, but at the end of the day, you more than likely had visions of Scrooge McDuck like cash in your head.   Now that you’re a […]
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How Ecommerce Businesses Can Scale up to Meet Market Demand

Taking the first step is always the hardest — once you’re in a rhythm, making steady progress, you’ll find that things only get easier. At least, that’s what people typically contend about everything from losing weight to learning how to play the piano. It doesn’t really apply to e-commerce, though. There, taking the first step […]
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Words Matter: 8 Writing Resources for Anyone Looking to Improve Their Writing

The digital age poses great challenges for people without communication skills. Due to the rise of social networks, flexible business methods (e.g. remote working), and more competitive employment environments (with plenty of opportunities for writers), everyone is expected to be both able and willing to capably express their thoughts in writing. In addition, every business […]
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Here’s How Employee Monitoring Assists in Data Protection

With the aggrandized use of tech at work, employers are increasingly concerned about the protection of their firm’s data—data that’s the driving tool of all modern-day businesses. But, with the proliferation and advancement of technology, data protection has become a growing concern for employers as most of the times their own employees are involved in […]
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Top 20 Sources of Tech Information You Can Find This Year

Are you a tech geek looking for juicy tech information? Or are you simply looking for a few reliable sources to keep up with the latest tech trends? Why not get your hands on the latest tech info? For that, we have pulled together a list of 20 best sources of tech information for you! […]
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The Top 15+ MailChimp Alternatives for Small Business

If we think of all the ease that technology has brought in our lives, we will notice that EVERY SINGLE TASK is a piece of cake. If you want to switch on the lights, order your smart speakers. If you do not want to miss out on an important match, download the Roku app and […]
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How to Use Video Marketing to Improve Your SEO Results

With 50% of Internet users actively using video to research before buying a product and 80% of consumers saying that they use demonstration videos before making a purchasing decision, you can see why video marketing has become a staple of digital marketers’ strategies in recent years. Wyzowl found that 83% of marketers felt that video […]
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