How to Promote Environmentally Sustainable Practices in the Workplace

  The United States is responsible for emitting more than 5.3 billion tons of carbon emissions each year. This works out at roughly the same weight as 24 million Statues of Liberty. Because of this, there is now a concerted approach to tackling the issue. Many of the largest corporations in the world such as Siemens […]
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The Secret Weapon of Content Marketing: Surveys

As all content marketers know, statistics and analytics can be useful tools in understanding your target audiences’ preferences. Of course, the reality is always more complex than that. Content marketing as a whole is becoming more in tune with audience feedback, but the trick is figuring out what feedback will further your marketing goals.   […]
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4 Simple Tips for Exporting Your eCommerce Business to Germany

It shouldn’t be a hard sell to expand your business to Germany. It’s the largest economy in the EU, with an extremely robust business environment and a thriving eCommerce sector. Yet persistent stereotypes, cultural quirks and the specter of Brexit have all served to put many businesses off and keep them moored within the US. […]
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10 Fundamental Reasons to Rebrand Your Company

Rebranding isn’t easy, but sometimes it’s the only choice you have. Instead of disrupting operations, compromising on the quality of services, harming the reputation of your brand and letting sales decline, it’s better to swallow the pill and rebrand yourself. But, how do you know it’s time, and you have no other choice left? It’s […]
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7 Skills Every Manager Needs but Most of Them Lack

Different industries require certain bodies of knowledge that are specific to such an industry. That is why effective managers should be cut out for the industry. However, there are certain skills and qualities that all managers need to master, irrespective of the industry sector they are in. Sadly, most of these so-called managers are not […]
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How Is Artificial Intelligence Shaping up the World of Digital Marketing

‘Dread it, run from it, destiny arrives all the same.’ This popular quote by Thanos, the Mad Titan of the Avengers movie aptly points to the coming of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.). The use of Lethal autonomous weapon systems (LAWS) which one activated can engage targets without human intervention, gives rise to the prospect of a […]
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5 Unique Lessons From Young Entrepreneurs Shaping the World

Entrepreneurship has turned into more of a fad, among business and marketing students just about to graduate. The millennial generation is far more enamored by the prospects of independence and making it big as opposed to a lifetime desk job, even with the perks it offers. However, being an entrepreneur is not just about developing […]
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How a Poor Business Name Can Lower the Value of Your Brand

When you’re coming up with your business name, you may run into people who tell you not to sweat over your business name. They say that there is no tangible value to a business name – that names are just frills that aren’t worth investing time and resources into. However, studies show that simple, catchy […]
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