8 Web Design Hacks for Entrepreneurs That Want to Attract More Traffic, Conversions and Revenue

Having a website in today’s market is no longer an option, but different businesses utilize their websites differently. Some use their website for instant revenue generation e.g. e-commerce sites, while others simply rely on their website for lead generation through phone calls or email subscriptions. However, one thing is common for all website owners: you […]
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How to Make Your Ecommerce Growth Strategy Work

According to the OC&C Strategy Consultants, in a study in collaboration with Google, online sales from outside the UK will rocket from the £4bn generated in 2012 to an estimated £28bn by 2020, accounting for around 40% of total sales revenue. We are seeing this external growth happening in real time. As the CEO of a […]
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Do You Really Need to Spend Money to Make Money?

It’s so well-known that it’s essentially a business cliché. Everyone looking to start a company or improve their start-up has heard it, and probably thinks it must be acted on: “You have to spend money to make money.” On the surface, it makes sense. The companies we view as successful have all had enormous amounts […]
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Acing a Job Interview: Ideas and Tips You Might Need

Getting a job is quite complicated and challenging. Getting a job of your dreams seems almost a “mission impossible” nowadays. It does not really matter how old or how experienced you are. What really matters in a job seeking process is your readiness to occupy the position you wish and your confidence about the fact […]
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12 Marketing Strategies to Help Boost Your Small Business

  Small business owners will already be aware of the battle that they face in order to contend with the bigger organization in their chosen field. The limited budgets, staff and sometimes experience can leave these type of business in the shadows, however, there are some great little strategies that a small business owner can take […]
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Investing in Real Estate Investment Trusts

Real Estate Investment Trusts, usually called REITs, are a type of investments that offer investors the chance to get into the real estate market without having to become a landlord with a rental property. Many investors simply do not have the resources to get heavily involved in real estate investments, and yet, by adding their […]
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Effective Online Marketing Campaigns During Christmas Eve

Many people visit websites and engage actively on all social media platforms with the sole aim of shopping either online or in the actual stores. Therefore, it is important to theme marketing campaigns as soon as the festive season approaches. It shows the customers that the business understands and cares about their special way of […]
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