How Heterogeneous Computing Is Beneficial for AI and Big Data

Heterogeneous computing has been gaining popularity recently, owing to its inherent efficiencies and the business impact that it generates. Essentially, what heterogeneous computing does is that it enables one system to have multiple unique computing sub-systems. One scheme can have different capabilities of executing core instructions, thereby computing in parallel formats. Each unit has its […]
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How to Get Funding for a Startup Business and Where to Find It

If you’re wondering how to get funding a startup business, you’ll want to know where to find it and what you’ll need to apply. With so many options out there, many aspiring entrepreneurs can feel a little perplexed. However, once you know what the parameters are, things get a lot easier. Perhaps the most important […]
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Top 5 Best Multi-Channel Customer Feedback &Amp; Survey Apps

The simplest definition of customer experience is how your customers perceive the quality of their interactions with your organization. In today’s digital world, experiences can make or break a business in a matter of days, hours, minutes or seconds. Sentiments spread quickly on the various channels we have today — it can increase product demand and customer loyalty as […]
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4 Small Business Growth Strategies to Explode Revenue

One of the first things you’ll notice as a business owner is that not all tactics and strategies work in your situation. The second thing you’ll notice is that resources are limited. There are too many things to do and never enough time, energy, or money. Because of that, the search for the next growth […]
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5 Things to Know About Service Marketplaces Like Fiverr and Taskrabbit

In the current on-demand economy, the service marketplace industry has taken a huge leap with leading players such as Fiverr, TaskRabbit, and more. Recent trends show that people opt for freelancing as a viable way to boost their career growth. Companies like Fiverr and TaskRabbit bank upon this developing trend and enjoy exponential growth (600% […]
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How a Professional Logo Can Enhance Your Small Business

“Logos are a graphic extension of the internal realities of a company” Saul Bass, branding expert says it all in this tell-all quote. From the man who created the instantly recognizable American Airlines logo along with many other instantly identifiable brands, it’s worth listening to what he has to say. A logo has the power […]
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Productive and Simple SEO Strategies to Improve Your 2016 SEO

The competition for who’s website appears on a top first page on each of either the Google search console results, Bing search results, Yandex as well as a few other search engines out there is becoming more tougher and challenging battle nowadays. Facts had already proven it, even so, it’s obvious that there is a […]
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Effective SEO Techniques That You Can Use Today

A website is a very important part of any business. It indicates the nature, products, and services that are offered to the online community. As such, it acts as a major promotional tool. A website can be thought of as the face of your business on the Internet. Therefore, it must be designed in an […]
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Think Again! Can Your Business Survive Without CRM?

  Customer Relationship Management software is a business tool designed to gather all aspects of your customer information in one place. A CRM solution helps your business organize interactions and relationship with the customer. Today’s business market landscape is very competitive and to get an edge over their competitor’s companies are often making use of […]
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Secret Tips to Upgrade Your Business With Android App

A number of mobile phone users globally for the current year stands at 4.77 billion. So, a huge amount of the population is on a mobile device, these are not mere phone users, they can be your customers you can get right through a mobile app. So, what are you thinking? Yes, of course, app […]
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