3 Ways POS Tech Can Save You Money

Introduction The era of using a cash register, pen and notebook for accounting and processing transactions is no longer an effective means of meeting up with today’s advancement in business technology. In view of this, competitive businesses have to adapt and change with emerging technologies. A technological advancement that businesses are now using is the […]
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Boost Your Customer Base by Going Mobile

As a business owner or manager, you will already be well aware of the stiff competition that you face from competitors. The internet has benefitted businesses hugely over the years, providing more opportunities and networking platforms than ever before. However, it has also meant that businesses these days have to compete not just on a […]
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The Proactive Entrepreneur Leader: Negotiating Your Startup For Success

Now that you have finally set up your company and are ready to operate, don’t make the mistakes that tens, if not hundreds, of eager entrepreneurs, have made before you. Whether it is a lawsuit for copyright infringement or enmity with investors or disagreements with co-founders, many things can derail a startup – even before…it […]
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Secret Tips To Upgrade Your Business With Android App

A number of mobile phone users globally for the current year stands at 4.77 billion. So, a huge amount of the population is on a mobile device, these are not mere phone users, they can be your customers you can get right through a mobile app. So, what are you thinking? Yes, of course, app […]
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Analyzing Data – Boosting Your Business

When you start a business it has a chance to grow quickly, and with fast growth comes along, a lot of facts and figures to manage and analyze. Analyzing helpful information can boost your business. Before you start to analyze your data, you must first gather it. Acquiring proper statistic collection tools and getting professional […]
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How to Choose an SEO Expert

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is your gateway to business visibility and spreading brand awareness online. It’s the single best way to increase your chances of spreading your customer base, while it’s also nowhere near as expensive as PPC (Pay per Click) campaigns. You might have a great looking website, with even better products/services – it […]
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5 Leadership Skills Every Small Business CEO Needs

As a small business owner and CEO, it’s safe to say you need to wear a lot of different hats as you not only go through your day, but also you go over months, years and decades. During this time, you’ll take on staff and employees for various purposes, meaning you’ll drop certain tasks and […]
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Why Should Every Digital Marketer Have a Blog?

Thousands of entrepreneurs like you are experiencing this dilemma on a daily basis. Nevertheless, from you to them, it is your lucky day today, because you will have the answer to the question over this article. With the emergence of social media, it is sometimes tempting to want to register on all available platforms, especially […]
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Conversion Optimization Tips That Every Marketer Should Aware Of

Conversion optimization is all about collecting data, interpreting it and taking the proper strategic decisions. If you prefer a “do it personally” approach, then here are some great conversion optimization tips for you Check the Duration of Visit A good site not only brings visitors but retains them for a long time. The longer users […]
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