Best Investing Tools and Apps for Small Business Owners

Investment is, indeed, one of the safest ways to keep money growing and multiplying. More than simply saving your money, investing your money may help you to increase it faster than ever. And just like Brian Tracy discussed in his book “The 21 Absolutely Unbreakable Laws of Money”, your ultimate financial goal should be to […]
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Should Your Business Have Multiple Blogs?

Blogging is the foundation of most content marketing strategies. Maybe you have a blog of your own on your business website. Just when you had grown accustomed to posting and finding topics for your audience, someone comes along and tells you that you need another blog, It’s becoming common practice for businesses to have multiple […]
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How to Hire An Mobile App Developer?

How to Hire An Mobile App Developer? When you have an app idea and are ready to develop it, you will more than likely need some professional mobile app developers.  An experienced mobile app developer will help you in validating your app idea and discuss the possibilities to convert your idea into a successful mobile App. […]
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5 Steps to Stifle Your App’s Churn Rate And Retain Your Users

Starting off and just not having enough users on your app is unsatisfying indeed. But clocking in those downloads and acquiring those users, and then losing them to churn – that’s just heartbreaking. And that is why you hear businesses fretting over churn rates all the time. Churn rate is the number of your customers […]
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Automatic Time Tracking Doesn’t Have To Be Hard. Read These 8 Benefits

In today’s fast-paced world, efficient time management is key to success. Time tracking has already become part of our everyday working life, but as technology develops so does the software. Forget punching in and out or trying to remember what you did last Tuesday afternoon – these days it’s automatic time trackers that are revealing […]
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How To Create A Productive Work Environment At Home

When working from home is is important to have a suitable environment to work in. Setting your own deadlines, working flexible hours, and avoiding an awful commute are just some advantages of home working. But working from home can be a fast way to slide into a disorganized work schedule and procrastination. To help you […]
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The 4 Online Retail Trends that are about to Disrupt the Industry

Trends come and go every year, especially in the retail sector. One minute a certain strategy is in, and the next it is out. If you’ve recently started an online retail store or an ecommerce site, you know that there are articles everywhere discussing the latest hot  retail trends that are guaranteed to catch your audience’s […]
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Ridiculously Simple Tips for Small Business Success

An integral part of every business owner’s long-term plan should be to seek out advice and to incorporate proven methods of success wherever possible. After speaking with countless successful entrepreneurs and business moguls over the years, it has crystal clear that learning from the success of others is an essential part of finding success in […]
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How To Learn Time Management Skills

Time Management skill is something that everybody seeks, and asking yourself about how to manage your time can help you cope up with a lot of regularities. If you are an entrepreneur this can have some serious problems for you and your business. For an entrepreneur, there is nothing called a stop or a roadblock. […]
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4 Signs It Might Be Time to Move to a New Payroll System

When is it time to move to a new payroll software management process? Your organization may be asking this question for a variety of reasons. Your current payroll “system” may consist of manually tracking hours worked, using a calculator to multiply hours worked by an hourly wage, and hand-writing a check to an employee. Otherwise, […]
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