technology business success factors

Technology Cuts: Trends That Can Drive Success to Business

The best businessmen understand that the fundamental formula for success is constant scrutiny and transformation. There are a lot of issues that can go unnoticed for long periods of time and then suddenly come up to hinder commercial progress. New startups face similar problems, and this is the reason why entrepreneurs fail to get past […]
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popular email clients

5 Email Clients That Will Make You Forget About Outlook Express

Way back all the users who were using Outlook Express in Windows XP get surprised when they found it is no longer present in Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 10. This happened because Microsoft has replaced Outlook Express on Windows Vista with another email client named as Windows Mail. But, both Windows Vista and […]
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small business accounting checklist


The Accounting Checklist of the Year Your Small Business Needs

Small business owners are almost superheroes. Their day-to-day tasks include everything from meeting suppliers and warehouses to interacting with customers and overseeing every activity. It’s a lot to handle. On top of it all, they need to check their accounts every day and manage their financial statements. Accounting needs to be done almost religiously. One […]
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The Most Embarrassing Software Bugs in History – Infographic

te Click on the infographic to view the interactive version (via AT&T’s Long-Distance Network Collapse (1990) At that time, AT&T’s long-distance network carried over 70% of the USA’s long-distance traffic and routed more than 115 million phone calls. The backbone of the network was a system of 114 switches (4ESS) that were scattered across […]
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$0 Marketing Ideas for Local Businesses

Marketing your local business can be a daunting task sometimes, especially if you’re just starting out. Many a time, business owners end up spending a lot of their budget on setting up their business and running it, with very little set aside for marketing it. While this might not necessarily fall under the bracket of […]
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analytics construction industry

How the Construction Industry is affected by Big Data and Analytics

The construction industry is one of the oldest and most significant industries in the world. Although in the last couple of years, the global economy faced some issues, still the total construction starts in 2019 were predicted to be worth just above $800 billion in the US only as per a Dodge Data and Analytics’ […]
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Maximize Website Conversions

5 Ways To Maximize Conversions On Your Website

When it comes to marketing your business, there is no shortage of tips and tricks to get you noticed. But with the multitude of “best practices” out there, it can be frustrating to try and pin down which tips and tricks will work for your business. This post details a few ways you can optimize […]
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Improve Online Business 2019

The Best Seasons to Improve Online Business 2019

If you are into an online business, you will know the impact holiday seasons bring to your business. Holiday seasons are meant to boost up your online sales. Online business requires the utmost attention in various sections. You can easily forget the great holiday seasons and miss the opportunity to hit a home run with […]
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ecommerce hacks to increase sales

7 Ecommerce Hacks to Increase Conversions and Boost Sales

Whether you are new to e-commerce or already have experience running an online store, there are things you simply cannot learn from a course book. In my experience, running an e-commerce store has more to it than just creating a website and building its digital footprint. If you want your online business to thrive and […]
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