How Can You Quantify Business Risk?

Entrepreneurs are often well acquainted with risk. They know that starting a business is inherently risky (as about half of businesses fail within the first five years of operation) and they’re often willing to stake tens of thousands of dollars (or more) and months to years of their lives in that pursuit. That said, the […]
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How to “Sell” Friends and Family on Your Business

There is any number of ways to fund a business. You can go after a traditional small business loan, attract an equity investor, or piece together an array of assistance, from home equity loans to your credit cards. But one of your best resources may be closer than you think. Funding With Friends and Family […]
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6 Pro Tips to Power up Your Mobile Content Marketing

The demand for mobile content is no longer a growing trend – it is a reality that is here to stay and demands a mobile content marketing strategy. Today, over 70% of users across generational boundaries believe that mobile engagement is crucial for B2B activity. The only question that remains for business who want to […]
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How Cloud Telephony Can Help Your Business in 2019 ?

Cloud technology has gained more popularity over the business environment and is growing exponentially. For many businesses, voice communication is an essential part of handling with clients and vendors. Voice communication has more potential than other communications and can make or break a deal. When it comes to CRM, voice plays a vital role and […]
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Advice for Digital Marketing Rookies

Marketing newcomers are confused by a growing number of channels and technologies. Their audiences are living in more places and they need to manage a fractured set of communities with no increase in budget or people, but an expected increase in performance. There is no single channel marketer anymore. The solution? It’s not more software, […]
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Why Should You Outsource E-Commerce Data Entry Services?

  Lisa Derry, a jewelry designer by profession decided to take her passion for designing exclusive Costume Jewelry a step further by opening her collection for sale to the public. So far, she had only limited it by selling to friends and references but the response was good so she was encouraged to expand. Encouraged […]
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Key 8 Benefits of Agile Software Development

In the cutting-edge competition, the mantra to make the project succeed is- ‘Building the right project with the right set of features and getting it to the market at the right time.’ Going the traditional way where when the project when outsourced to a company can only be reviewed by the client when it is […]
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Modern Sales and the Lost Art of Relationship Building

The sales industry seems to experience major shifts every five or ten years. Many of these shifts are the result of the way technology changes. Others have to do with cultural ebbs and flows. But one of the more confounding changes over the last decade has been the lack of personal attention clients and prospects […]
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