iBeacon vs Eddystone – Which Is the Better One for Your Business?

The emergence of futuristic technologies is blurring the fine lines between the real and the digital worlds. This is even more apparent in the business arena, where technology is being increasingly deployed to enhance customer interaction. One such revolutionizing concept that is creating waves recently is Beacon Technology. In simple words, Beacons are low-power transmitters […]
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How a Clear Vision Drives Employee Engagement

One of my favorite authors is Dr. Henry Cloud. He’s written several books on leadership and has his own leadership podcast. In a recent podcast, he spoke about how your company’s vision is a key component for engaging the talent within your organization. Cloud lays out six ways on how to craft your vision in […]
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Financial Savings You Can Make by Working From Home

Often when planning on setting up a business within the home, the savings which can be made by doing so are not obvious ones. These should be considered as they may sway the decision, and help the potential worker to make the most of these benefits. As well as looking into initial costs, the recognition […]
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Things Lenders Look for in a Business Plan Before Granting a Loan

In the course of starting or running your small business, you will need to borrow a small business loan. However, it could be hard for you to convince the lenders that you are indeed worthy of being advanced a loan. There are two scenarios here. One, you could be looking for a business loan to […]
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4 Awesome Ways to Convert Your Prospects to Buyers

Why one needs a website? It is for converting visitors into business, isn’t it? Now just consider a situation where you have a fabulous website design, a smooth navigation menu, attention-grabbing visual effect, and perfect web contents and in spite of having all these you are still unable to convert your website traffic into business. […]
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Securing a Career in Sales

Securing a sales job can be difficult. It’s true that salespeople have an innate ability to sell a product, but some actually may have an issue selling themselves to a potential employer. After all, in many cases, you’re selling yourself to someone who likely has a more accomplished sales history than yourself. If you factor […]
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How Valuable Is Your Marketing Degree?

  Employers want job candidates that have the following abilities: good writing and speaking skills, critical thinking and problem solving, proven record of working well in a team and an understanding of science and technology. An aptitude for numbers and statistics is also required. Who has this kind of background? An applicant with a marketing […]
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How Could Start-Ups Take on the Big Names in the Business in Terms of SEO

Today, small businesses, especially, start-ups are compelled to compete with the behemoths in the business in an almost saturated marketplace. The competition obviously, is fierce and it takes immense effort and diligence to stand out from the rest and grab audience attention. Moreover, there is a huge disparity between the marketing budgets of a start-up […]
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‘Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.’     Helen Keller The essence of a team can be seen in different sports such as football, basketball, volleyball etc. what then is a team? A team is a group of people bound by a common purpose. In a team, individual success is sacrificed […]
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Fixed Deposits and the Benefits of an FD Calculator

Before opening a Fixed Deposit, use an FD calculator. Fixed Deposits calculator can calculate earnings, and make investing simpler. Fixed Deposits are a popular investment and a saving option in India. It is a security instrument that provides you with an opportunity to earn interest on idle funds. Fixed Deposit Defined A Fixed Deposit is […]
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