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4 Things I Wish I Knew About Marketing My Small Business Years Ago

Marketing a small business is incredibly difficult for most.  In fact, as web-based e-commerce sales have continued to increase over time, sales have become more and more difficult.  Many categories which were once open for new business now feature a mix of well-established brands, as well as, venture-backed competitors. Affiliate Sales Are Hard: When we […]
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3 Sales Email Templates for Higher Prospects Engagement

The truth is, people are bombarded by emails – both at work and on their personal email accounts. In fact, it is estimated that in 2019 alone, over 293 billion emails will be sent which adds up to hours of time spent people will spend looking through emails.  Inboxes are crowded and full of messages […]
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A Guide to Recruiting Software Development Engineers

The number of software development companies in the world today is increasing at an exponential rate. In such a scenario, finding talented and well-trained software development engineers is the biggest challenge. According to statistics, there are only less than 1% of unemployed engineers in the US. This makes it evident that companies are snatching up […]
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How to Make Your Start-up a Brand – Step-By-Step Instructions

Education technologies (EdTech) are gradually changing traditional learning methods. By definition, EdTech refers to software designed to enhance teacher-led learning in classrooms and improve students’ education outcomes. The growing number of tools and programs allow teachers to modernize classrooms and tailor lessons so as to fit the preferences of young learners. According to the report, […]
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6 Breakthrough Strategies for Getting Work Done!

Stop wasting your time! – 6 Breakthrough strategies to getting your work done! One thing we know is…..time flies! And…..we are the captain steering the wheel. This is our ride. We are all busy working long hours in our business. Trying to make a better more successful like than maybe we lived growing up. Times […]
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4 Reasons Why Data Marketing Is King in 2019

With the growth of big data, will data marketing be even more popular in 2019? What are the reasons why you should incorporate it into your overall marketing strategies? To know more about the advantages and how it can help your business grow, here are the top reasons why data marketing is “king” in 2019. […]
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How to Grow Your Instagram Followers For Less than $100 Month

When it comes to modern advertising and marketing, there’s no tool quite as powerful as social media. And as Instagram’s user base continues to grow and rival powerhouses like Facebook and Youtube, the app is proving itself to be one of the top platforms around. But if you want to use Instagram to share your […]
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How to Put Your Business on Autopilot With DIY Branding Tools

The dream of every business owner is to see their business grow — and grow — and grow. Sometimes that dream seems unattainable. At least, not without a lot of work! Building a business is not for the faint of heart. It requires time, money, and effort, and sometimes demands blood, sweat, and tears. There […]
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Sell Your Products and Services With a Strategy

We live in a competitive world. Individuals alone do not face competition but companies selling their product and services also face competition in the market. We can rarely see a monopoly in the market and in a way it is good for the customers because they can get goods and services with affordable rates. Earlier […]
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