6 Key Elements of a High-converting Opt-in Form

A study conducted by Sumo in 2017 revealed that the average email opt-in rate is 1.95%. So, if more than 2% of your website visitors subscribe to your email newsletter, you’re doing alright. But did you know that HP managed to increase their sign-up rate by 186% by creating a high-converting email opt-in page? Or […]
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5 Ways IoT is Revolutionizing the Call Center Industry

In today’s technological world, wireless technologies have paved different ways to increase the trends of IoT, or internet of things. This can be described best as, when your internet will be connected to multiple physical objects, you can render them as the “smart objects” with an efficient ability to process, sensor and act upon the […]
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How to Start a Hunting Business

More than 15 million Americans are involved in hunting activities every year, spending millions of dollars in the process. If you’re a landowner, particularly if your land is in the rural areas, you stand to make some tidy bucks if you exploit the hunting potential of your unused land. And what better way to go […]
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Use E-Books To Drive Thought Leadership

The concept of thought leadership originated in the C-suite, and indeed, if you were to look up some of the most prominent thought leaders today, you’re probably going to see a lot of big names and large companies. However, marketing professionals have probably heard a lot about different people in different industries trying to start their […]
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The Complete Guide to Insurance for Freelancers

Starting out as a freelancer is a fun and exciting rush. All the gear you need is shiny, brand-new, and ready to go. Why do You Need to Get Insurance? The truth is, no matter how well you earn, as a freelancer you won’t have many of the perks regular employees do. One of those […]
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Advice for Starting a Successful Auto Repair Business

Running a successful and profitable auto repair business is one of the best experiences for any entrepreneur. Content marketing for your auto business, franchising, and numerous strategies and approaches can be used to run such a business successfully. Read on more for more tips! In case you’ve ever been interested in owning a repair shop […]
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Questions to Ask if You Want to Buy a Business in Trouble

The most important things first. • Be prepared to lose your investment! • Do not rely on buying an insolvent company as your only future income or investment • If it smells off it usually is! Save your money! Businesses in trouble refer to those in that are struggling to pay their debts, needing saving.  […]
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8 Ways to Put Your Instagram on Autopilot

Generating strong engagement with your posts is a matter of creating consistent, high-quality posts and then engaging with your followers. With these metrics in place, consumers are more likely to engage with you, and you’ll gain followers as a result. But how do you accomplish this time-consuming feat when you have so many other responsibilities […]
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How to Use Social Media to Drive Traffic to Your Store

Nowadays, Social media plays a very important role in online marketing. It helps you to target the right set of audience and get the required engagement and traffic from them. But it’s not limited to this. It also contributes fairly to selling your products or services. So, if you have an online store and you […]
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Why You Need 3 Month Check-in’s with Employees Not Just Yearly

Are you terrified of losing your highest value employees? There’s no doubt you need to retain employees – but the job market is hot right now, and young employees have no loyalty! The money will only go so far towards keeping people, and upstart companies need to find a balance of providing meaningful work to […]
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