5 Ways to Improve Your Financial Status

If you’re a business owner and want to change your business’s profit margin, or you just want to improve your personal financial situation, it’s time to take some positive action. Here are five things to consider: Do your research into tech If you’re a business owner, it can be a good idea to research the […]
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10 Characteristics of a Social Entrepreneur

A social entrepreneur is someone who has decided to turn his or her entrepreneurial bent onto the social realm, to undertake an initiative that will benefit the greater number of people, not just a few shareholders or stakeholders. This kind of entrepreneurs typically meshes the rigor and risk-taking you see in all business owners, but […]
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Tips to Improve Listening

What purpose is there in talking if nobody listens, hears what is said or understands the person speaking?  None.  The process of listening represents 50% of the communication process and requires just as much practice as becoming a skilled speaker or writer.  Listening is so important that many professional communicators believe it is the key […]
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How to Influence People to Purchase Without Hard Selling

Things have really changed in the world today and we are now hyper-connected. Prospects are able to find the information needed very easily. This can be regarding services and products. As such, it is very important that people adapt to the changes. The best speakers use science and data to help salespeople to see selling […]
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Main Reasons Why Your Business Need Mobile Application

A Mobile strategy should include something more than a mobile-friendly website. Is it 100% true that you are under the feeling that huge & big mobile apps name brands should have mobile Google applications? In the past websites were seen as the same mobile apps and they have now transformed into a basic and essential […]
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3 Marketing Productivity Issues and How to Fix Them

In the ’90s, the normal deployment time of a new software feature was around 3 years. Then Agile software development happened. All of a sudden, the timeframe shrank to months and weeks. The productivity of the development process skyrocketed. However, it seems like many other knowledge workers are still lagging behind. If we want to […]
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How to Finance Your New Nonprofit

A nonprofit business is a tax-exempt organization intended for various purposes such as religious, charitable, artistry, literary, or educational. Although earning a profit is not the goal, starting a nonprofit organization requires funding just like any other kind of business. This means that even though they have different goals, financing a new nonprofit is similar […]
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6 Dinner Table Setting Steps for Optimizing Your Blog Posts

Writing a great blog post is just like making a fantastic dinner. You spend a lot of time producing remarkable content that you want potential customers to eat up and rave about to all of their friends. Still, the meal isn’t the only critical ingredient to a truly great experience. You need to create a […]
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5 Ways Visual Artists Can Market Their Business

In the age of digital media and social platforms such as Instagram at the forefront, barriers to entry for visual artists have been significantly lowered. Having a popular and mainstream platform that would help them get their work seen by a large audience became a great tool for artists, to market their work. Today is the […]
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