7 UI/UX Mistakes That Destroy Your Web Design

All businesses operating in a competitive environment must have an excellent online presence because a website acts as a focal point of your online and marketing efforts. A website with a poor web design not only lowers your conversion rate but also affects the reputation of your brand. What’s An Effective Website? An active web […]
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Two and Four Wheeler Driving License in Bangalore, Karnataka

A driving license (DL) is the essential document a two or four wheeler driver must own before driving any vehicle. If one wants to get a driving license, then the process of doing so is quite easy. Though, before one applies for a driving license, he/she must know the driving. Usually, family members help people […]
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9 Tips to Stay Sane When Working From Home

Do you ever feel lonely working from home? Don’t fret – It’s easier than you think to stay sane when working from home. According to a Gallup survey, 43% of employed Americans said they spend at least some time working remotely. Whether you’re a freelancer doing your own thing, a business owner or part of […]
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Cost-Effectiveness Companies Communication Tools

Roughly a decade ago, over 900,000 jobs in the US and Europe were moved to developing nations like India and the Philippines. More than 50% of these jobs were dedicated to IT and computer engineering. The primary reason for this transition was that many employers believed that the cost of building an offshore team was […]
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Why Cloud Computing Strategy Could Be Business’ Success Elixir?

Big Data, AI, and Cloud—The Big 3 and the heart of today’s Industry 4.0 age. These three technologies have inspired an explosion of new age firms disrupting every industry we can think of! Be it retail, e-commerce, construction, IT, logistics, consumer electronics, fashion, or more, the conjoined e-spear headed by the Big 3 has helped […]
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Going Viral: The Ultimate Reward for Strategically Planned Social Content

Going viral. In the past, the word “viral” would have evoked widespread panic—images of quarantined hospital wings and the fear of imminent death. Today, anyone who knows anything about the digital world knows that “going viral” is the ultimate reward for strategically planned social content. Businesses love content that goes viral and results in more […]
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What to Undertake When Your Startup Is Stuck in Neutral

Starting a business resembles the start of a relationship. At first, everything is exciting and new. Of course, it is a bit terrifying, but it gets better by the day. And then, it stops. You get stuck in neutral. Things aren’t moving forward, but they aren’t becoming worse either. Something similar happens with startups as […]
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Common Website Design Flaws: Are You Driving Visitors Away?

Website design flaws are all too common throughout the online community. Businesses and organizations of all types inadvertently drive their visitors away before the visitor can fully understand and appreciate their services. Organizations looking for help will often come to web design agencies with their broken websites and end up requiring a lot more help […]
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